The decentralized autonomous organization management platform Idavoll Network is delighted to announce the launch of its Alpen v0.1 infrastructure solution on the Polygon network. Alpen is a user-friendly toolkit for launching, customizing and running DAOs in the exact way and principle the developers and communities alike want them to look.

With this solution, DAOs can enable their community members to get actively engaged in the governance process, allowing everyone to make proposals for any decision in the company that relates to asset management, investments, technical development, marketing strategy, recruitment and more. In doing so, Alpen v0.1 offers gasless proposals that will be stored on the InterPlanetary File System. 

A DAO is designed to make any organization function properly without central authority through a voting system based on a smart contract deployed on a blockchain. The members of the DAO can make proposals and vote for them through a certain voting system embedded into the smart contract, where it can be based on voting weight or a traditional one-vote-for-one-person voting system.

On Alpen v0.1, each proposal will be an ERC-721 smart contract that will be stored on IPFS, which will not require any gas payment. To make a proposal, the user will have to select a block number to start the vote and then select the block that will end it. The smart contract will then verify the balances of all users who have voted for the block of the vote start as well as the block of the vote close and subsequently convert their tokens to voting power.

The fact that all decisions in a DAO are taken collectively can increase the chances of the best decisions being made most of the time as the right professionals would generally make better decisions together. On Alpen, all the modules will be prepared for the users in advance, which will considerably simplify the process of making proposals for a wider audience. 

This way, more people can offer their proposals for DAO projects, opening the way to decentralized management and better decision-making at both business and non-profit organizations. Alpen supports various voting types, allowing it to accommodate the different needs of different organizations.

Alpen is developed by Idavoll Network, a decentralized organization platform that provides infrastructure and services for DAO governance. It is the first DAO platform based on Polkadot and now, with the launch of Alpen v0.1 on Polygon, the project is on an expansion move to cover other blockchain networks and protocols in its services.

This same kind of expansion is happening with the overall DAO sector today. Alina Aseeva, CEO and co-founder of Idavoll Network and Alpen, stated:

“Today, the pace of progress is incredibly fast, gaining more momentum with each passing day. We firmly believe that DAOs will soon become the new norm of managing organizations, both in the crypto sector and outside of it. And when it comes to introducing and developing new technologies, one can’t overestimate the importance of community support. With Alpen, community members can help DAOs build platforms that they can be proud to be a part of.”

About Idavoll

Idavoll Network is an on-chain DAO governance solution that was founded in mid-2020. It helps decentralized organizations manage their structures, make proposals and take votes on them, mint tokens as well as control assets. The project also addresses the most pressing problems of blockchain networks, such as the lack of interoperability and limited scalability. The project’s community is constantly growing along with its platform and people seeking to launch their own DAO ventures can always count on finding like-minded people here.

About Alpen

Alpen is a community-driven platform for launching and running DAOs. It is owned and operated by the community to better enable stakeholders, contributors and project developers to communicate in a decentralized manner. With Alpen, you will take your DAO to the next level: Launch decentralized organizations and enjoy seamless and intuitive management, all while staying in touch with members of your community.