16 April 12:00 UTC+8 and 17 April 12:00 UTC+8 users of the IDAX (idax.pro) cryptocurrency exchange will be able to participate in the token sale of the AliensCoin (ALS) project.

Link for twitter IDAX for confirm: https://twitter.com/IDAXpro/status/1116606353781313536

AliensCoin - utility coin for AlienCloud platform. 

AlienCloud build comfortable united platform for miners, traders and investors. AlienCloud now has functionality: 

  • Crypto exchange;
  • Cloud mining;
  • IEO launchpad;
  • Contests for traders;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Payments from bank cards;
  • Crypto indexes (beta).

AlienCloud build in future: 

  1. Alien Chain - own blockchain;
  2. PAMM - accounts and trust management;
  3. Own social network for traders and investors;
  4. DEX;
  5. Masternodes plaftorm;
  6. One account for Stocks & ETF, Currencies, Metals, Futures, Options, Funds, Bonds - buy all from crypto!
  7. Shorts and margin orders.

AlienCloud plan to add bonuses for ALS holders: 

  1. Discount for cloud mining;
  2. Discount commissions for exchange;
  3. Bonuses in the mining pool.

Link to IEO buy:  https://www.idax.pro/#/foundation/index

Link to our website: https://aliencloud.xyz/en

Link to our twitter: https://twitter.com/AlienCloudxyz


It should be noted that Cryptoexchange tokens bring recently to their owners big profits (for exampe BitMax token (BTMX) growth more than 1500% for one month! From February to March 2019).

The market is definitely on the HYPE. For example OATH Protocol has closed the public sale within 3 second and raise 4,000,000 USD.