Dubai, UAEIdeaology, the up-and-coming blockchain-backed company, aims to have its IEO public sale for its IDEA coin available for target users on Jan. 26, 2021. With an optimistic turnout and hype brought by IDEA’s presale last December, the Ideaology team plans to offer its initial exchange offering on Exchange to effectively reach target users in time for the company’s crypto-fueled freelance and business launchpad platform, Active IDEA.

“With Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform in the final stages of development, we feel the demand to list IDEA token on one of the world’s leading exchanges in regards to popularity and traffic volume is the best strategy for our IEO. As a modern and innovative exchange, we believe can provide the marketing capabilities that IDEA needs to reach beyond our current estimated number of potential users.”

— Ideaology CEO and co-founder, Khaled Alkalbani

IDEA is deeply connected with the Active IDEA platform. Within this revolutionary blockchain-backed platform, IDEA has three main purposes:

  • It can be an optional payment gateway for services and products rendered and sold by the community.
  • Users can hold the token and enjoy platform benefits such as a 50% discount on fees and voting privileges when the whole community decides which new projects they want to start crowdfunding for.
  • Active IDEA users can use the IDEA token to invest in projects that arise on the Active IDEA voting process.

The Active IDEA platform aims to utilize every useful capability of the IDEA token. Its goal is to provide a perfect environment for IDEA to grow in value and application. With Active IDEA, users will have a versatile token, a blockchain-driven platform and a secured crypto wallet.

“The IDEA allows our users to start their own business, develop and sell their business solutions, invest in projects that they believe in, and find a career-defining post all under one crypto ecosystem that serves as a breeding ground for success. Active IDEA is only a month away from being fully realized, and each user will have access to their online wallet through a mobile application available on both Android and iOS.”

— Ideaology chief technology officer and co-founder, Amar Kovacevic

With an estimated growth of 100,000 Active IDEA users by the end of 2021, the Ideaology team believes that the demand for IDEA tokens will surely defy expectations. With that possibility in mind, Ideaology has partnered up with Exchange to host IDEA and is set to be available in January 2021.

With this new partnership and every strategic plan in place, Ideaology has set everything in motion to provide crypto-backing to those who want and need to start their futures by creating their dreams under a nurturing ecosystem of the Active IDEA platform.