Infinite Launch, a new cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) funding platform, offers an innovative allocation method. It ensures that investors will have access to the allocation pool for each project regardless of their tier rankings or financial status.

The Infinite Launch platform's developers have been working hard, and the launch is here now, and they're hoping for a great response. Users do not have to go through a time-consuming procedure or satisfy high criteria to invest their money in projects they wish to support. There are also no costs for this service!

In a nutshell, Infinite Launch's allocation procedure begins with the division of the overall allocation amount into two pools for two different user types: the Infinite Army and ILA Tier. The former gets 20% of the pie, while the latter receives 80%.

Cutting-edge innovation with a purposeful aim

Despite the tremendous expansion potential for the LaunchPad sector, several difficulties limited its overall impact. For example, project owners were unable to contact long-term investors. Investors also had no method to increase their investments over time.

Henry V., co-founder of Infinite Launch stated:

"We are fully aware that despite the high potential for growth, the launchpad industry has been facing numerous pain points that hinder every stakeholder from making their most of it. For instance, project owners can’t reach long-term investors and always have to go deep with their token dumping after the IDO, while investors are also struggling with getting whitelisted for the IDO and frequently miss their chances to multiply their financial assets."

However, under the new Diamond-Hand system, investors have a reasonable probability of receiving IDO funds by committing to keep circulating tokens for longer periods, which will be regulated by smart contracts.

The Diamond-Hand mechanism also helps to create long-term token holders by minimizing pump-and-dump attempts. The Infinite Launch allocation procedure has enabled new investment possibilities.

Maximized profits under guaranteed allocations and reputable IDO projects

In its introduction to the market, Infinite Launch comes in fully prepared. Investors are guaranteed allocations, but the platform also introduces to the market state of the art projects. Some of these projects include Champ Force and the Wasted Lands, to name but a few.

To top that, more unicorn projects are scheduled for Launch. The profits articulated for the LaunchPad are enormous. Several distinctions mark the Launch. First, it's well thought out with every measure put in place. Secondly, its IDO projects enter the market simultaneously with the Infinite Launch.

A historic milestone unveiled

There is no end in sight for Infinite Launch's growth potential. It has already won prestigious international honors from key players in the DeFi market. The project just secured $2 million in a funding round.

The funding round was backed by trustworthy partners and key investors. IBA, Everse Capital, Lotus Capital and Phoenix Newtribe are just a few of the notable names involved.

The company recognized the interest of its partners and investors in their project. It planned to raise capital to help fund all future LaunchPad projects. In addition, the allocation mechanism has been optimized to increase project outreach and widen token distribution.

In conclusion, Infinite Launch offers innovative solutions for both investors and project owners within the DeFi sector. The platform also increases access to top players in the market.

About Infinite Launch

Infinite Launch is a cross-chain launchpad for hand-picked DeFi and NFT projects, with the first-ever mechanism to allow token holders to lock away their coins for specific IDO allocations.

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