IFA is currently proceeding with technical verification through a PoC product development to realize a user sovereign data bank.

The ARCS chain is a unique chain that is the infrastructure of the data bank, developed by IFA. With the cooperation of Stake Technologies, it has been developed using Parity Substrate. To realize the data bank using blockchain, we are making the following technical verifications.

  1. Users will receive tokens as incentives once they register their data on data bank,
  2. The data registered by the user can only be modified by that user.
  3. Users can always control which authority or corporation to have access to their data.
  4. Users can receive tokens as data providing fee from companies that accessed to their data.
  5. Blockchain provides all these functions without compromising user experience.

The details of these verification progress and status can be found in ARCS official medium.

The PoC products will be tested with limited users as a batá phase around April.

ARCS (ARX) is currently holding net buying campaigns with KuCoin, and planning for more campaigns for users.

Please check for latest information about ARCS here:

ARCS Official Twitter

ARCS Official Telegram