Indian Blockchain Community Cites Swiss Crypto Policies in Upcoming Regulation Draft

The buzz of the 2019 Indian general election is still too hot all over India. But the eyes of Indian Blockchain & crypto community from Prime Minister Narendra Modi - who had been voted in for a second term - is looking for blockchain friendly regulations from the long-term vision. Many Indians believe that the PM election was the major reason behind the uncertainty and the supreme court’s adjourning the decision on the crypto & blockchain and are now looking for respite.

Open Two Hall Attains Mainstream Media Attention

Nevertheless, the largest blockchain community of India, the Blockchained India is hosting a five-day mega conference ‘India Dapp Fest 2019’ in June at the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. With this conference, the organizers (Blockchained India) are presenting a ‘blockchain-friendly regulations draft report’ to government authorities, voicing the opinion of all stakeholders in the blockchain space in India. Blockchained India has successfully organized town hall events across 4 top cities of India in the month of March which later extended to another 3 cities during April. Through the town hall roadshows, 1000+ blockchain professionals gathered and contributed their insights for the upcoming blockchain-friendly regulations.

Indian Blockchain Community Analyzing Swiss Blockchain Policies

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