Jakarta – Facebook’s innovation in launching its metaverse project has made technology developers begin to focus on the concept. The technology, which presents a 3D virtual reality, has also encouraged crypto-asset developers to enter the metaverse ecosystem.

Seeing this opportunity, Litedex Protocol is ready to become a medium as well as a facilitator for local and global traders to take advantage of the presence of the metaverse world. The technology popularized by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considered to be the future of tech when it comes to interacting with others.


Andrew Suhalim, CEO of Litedex Protocol, said:

“The existence of this metaverse world will have a massive impact on human interaction, especially in the midst of the current pandemic where conventional meetings have turned into online meetings using Zoom or Google Meet. It is possible that in the future, in the next 10 to 15 years or even sooner — it is only a matter of time — blockchain technology itself will evolve to be the financial foundation of the conventional world to the metaverse.”

The presence of this metaverse world opens up opportunities for the crypto industry to make crypto assets the main choice in transacting in the virtual world. Suhalim added:

“The concept of converting conventional currency into a currency that can be used in the metaverse world is the basic foundation of the Bridge feature.”

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s deputy minister of trade, Jerry Sambuaga, said:

“The metaverse concept offered by Facebook is both a challenge and an opportunity for the community. With the presence of the Litedex Protocol, it is hoped that it can become a connecting bridge for the Indonesian people to experience firsthand what the technology of the metaverse world is like. Not only that, the projects offered by Litedex Protocol are also very relevant to the rapid development of digital asset technology, so they must be supported, for the sake of the advancement of the domestic crypto industry.”

With the presence of a decentralized finance platform such as Litedex Protocol, crypto investors will be given the opportunity to access and invest from the beginning, but a comprehensive analysis of the prospects of a crypto asset must still be carried out.

Suhalim said:

“To accommodate the public’s great enthusiasm for this crypto asset, the Litedex Protocol will launch various decentralized finance features, such as Swap, Liquidity Pool, Staking, Farming, Lending, Borrowing, NFT Marketplace and, of course, Bridge.”

In accordance with the project and concept behind Litedex Protocol, “the bridge of metaverse wealth,” this platform created by Indonesian developers is ready to become the global leader of decentralized finance, as a medium for people to enter the world of the metaverse.

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