OccamRazer is thrilled to announce that the OccamRazer platform will be integrating with the Milkomeda ecosystem. Its strong relationship with the Milkomeda team has endured since the early days of its inception, and together they have come a long way on the journey to create cutting-edge platforms and synthesize expertise and network reach to build something unique.

Read on to discover just what this means for both OccamRazer and Milkomeda.


OccamRazer has been the leading launchpad on the Cardano blockchain for nearly a year, and in that time, it has launched more than 26 projects. It has attracted some of the best teams and ideas to its platform by sticking to the fundamental principles of incubation, quality control and proper funding. To date, it has secured more than $150 million in venture capital for projects it has incubated, ensuring that teams launching their products with the platform have sufficient funding to deliver upon their grand visions. 

When OccamRazer embarked on a journey to deliver what it calls the Cardano decentralized finance (DeFi) layer, the company had a lot to learn. Throughout this year, it has constantly striven to improve what it offers — tech, partnerships, incubated projects and launches. All of this would not be possible without the community. 

This week, OccamRazer is unveiling something special and wants to take this opportunity to thank community members. 

Milkomeda and the Dawn of Interoperability

Today is the dawn of interoperability with the launch of Milkomeda’s C1 sidechain and the beginning of true, cross-chain DeFi becoming a reality. The Occam ecosystem has the team, technical prowess and capital network to become the core liquidity engine of this nascent but incredibly promising future.

The OccamRazer platform consists of a project incubator and a launchpad, allowing a seamless transition from a project’s initial idea and planning all the way through to the fundraising and marketing stages. It intends to bring the same level of quality and due diligence it has always had to the Milkomeda chain, working closely with the Milkomeda team to provide only the best projects and opportunities to its communities.

OccamRazer: The platform for quality DeFi teams

OccamRazer will bring with it:

  • The first launchpad to bring high-quality projects with thorough due diligence processes to Milkomeda
  • Native mini Cardano (mADA) participation: To date, OccamX is the first vehicle to enable permissionless Cardano (ADA) participation in seed, private and initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) rounds.
  • As part of the roadmap, users will also eventually have the opportunity to stake Occam.Fi (OCC) on Milkomeda and be eligible for IDOs.
  • OccamRazer will be hosting a DeFi hackathon with the support of Milkomeda to bring talent and funding to the growing Milkomeda landscape.

This comprehensive journey for projects launching on Milkomeda will climax with OccamX — a decentralized exchange (DEX) that itself was incubated by Occam. It will become the token generation event venue for many of the projects launched, ensuring immediate, deep liquidity on a scalable, institutional-grade DEX directly after completion of its IDO.

The platform will be announcing the first of many projects next week, so stay tuned to social channels for updates. 

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