Infinity Arena, an emerging blockchain game that combines science-fiction and tactical play-to-earn (P2E) nonfungible tokens (NFTs), has announced a successful private seed round led by major investors, securing $1.5 million to double down on its unique P2E model.

Prominent players in the blockchain and crypto sphere, including LuaVentures, TomoChain, Poolz Ventures, AVG, Dreamboat Capital, Vespertine Capital, OGRTZ Ventures and other angel investors, have participated in the round. Infinity Arena is set to establish its mission of becoming a next-generation GameFi project and an ecosystem of iconic NFTs.

Infinity Arena is leveraging the decentralized concept of P2E gaming, merging blockchain and gaming further, enabling true digital asset ownership in the most secure way possible and reconceiving gaming for an even more robust and immersive experience with futuristic concepts.

A universe of heroes and iconic NFTs

Infinity Arena is creating a universe of heroes and iconic NFTs in its virtual ecosystem. The game ushers players into The Zeronium universe of NFTs: a system of planets where they can explore beyond the limits of their imaginations, and a world of fascinating characters, quests and tournaments that augment the entire gaming experience. Gamers can travel in virtual space to planets in search of Zeronium, also defeating opponents in combat to earn amazing rewards. Players can also build an iconic NFT collection that grows in power and appreciates with time. This lets them participate and venture into more engaging battles with players globally.

The game is built for an outstanding user experience. The Mining System is one of the key game modes in Infinity Arena. Players, with special tools such as the miner, extractor and Z-depot, can mine Zeronium and access a plethora of rare NFT items.

The Infinity Arena gaming-sphere also includes its virtual land collection: Skyfield, Mountain, Lava and Ocean NFTs. On these lands, players can mine Zeronium themselves or have them rented by others for extra income or commission. As land NFTs go out of stock, new players joining the game will tend to buy lands present on the marketplace. This will promote sustainability in the ecosystem.

Infinity Arena to Launch on Premier Launchpads

Infinity’s initial decentralized exchange (DEX) offering will be launched on a variety of initial DEX offering (IDO) platforms such as LuaStarter, Poolz, Astronaut and more. It’s slated to launch from Feb. 15-20, 2022. The project’s initial NFTs will come right after its IDO.

Infinity Arena aims to strengthen its product and greatly enhance its community experience. The project is set to roll out a staking and mining option as well as its extensive NFT marketplace.

After its IDO on multiple launch pads, Infinity Arena is looking to list its native token, INAZ, on different decentralized and centralized exchanges. The project aims to make INAZ one of the most liquid, profitable and easy-to-stake tokens in the blockchain gaming sector, thereby creating an avenue for investors to join the space, plus bolstering mainstream adoption and increased growth.

Led by experts with demonstrated experience in the blockchain and gaming industries, coupled with future-ready game features, Infinity Arena is positioned to dominate this space in the years to come.

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