SINGAPORE: AUGUST 30, 2019 - Infinito has officially announced the listing of INFT token on leading global exchange BitMax via strategic partnership. INFT will be open for trading starting from 10:00 PM Singapore time (UTC+8) on August 30th under the trading pairs of INFT/USDT and INFT/BTC. Start trading INFT on BitMax today!

INFT is the official token of Infinito ecosystem. It serves as the main currency of payment on top of enabling staking, voting, rewards, and scoring utilities as well as incentivizing users, DApps, and developers for their contribution to Infinito ecosystem. Most notably, INFT has received “BB” rating on TokenInsight alongside leading blockchain projects. The company Infinito has also gained investment support from prestigious firms across the globe such as LD Capital, Quest Capital, Nova, Jubilee, and more. Infinito’s Litepaper can be found here.

Meanwhile, Bitmax is a global operator of digital asset exchanges for diverse groups of clients from retail to institutions. The trading platform, architected by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans, is designed for reliability and speed of trade execution, and ease of connectivity.

Infinito ecosystem & INFT Listing

While most blockchain projects focus on building protocols, apps and services, not many of them are taking care of the immediate needs of normal users who have little knowledge about decentralized technology and the difficulties they are encountering when using blockchain-based apps and services. Infinito is a pioneer to close this gap and create an easy way for mass people to approach values from blockchain innovations through its product ecosystem.

Operating since 2016, Infinito aims to create a perfect blockchain experience for end users, applications, and developers through its product ecosystem with Infinito Wallet, Infinito App Square,  Infinito Blockchain Platform, and InfinitoPAY. Immediate targets will be for financial services and games, with longer term vision is to provide people with full range of blockchain innovative services.

Currently, Infinito is supporting 14 blockchain infrastructures and has amassed an impressive base of 450,000 global users with 70,000 monthly active ecosystem members. The company has also built a strong partnership network with industry key players including IOHK, Binance, NEO, Ontology, Kyber Network, COCOS-BCX, IOST, Zilliqa and more to develop and integrate advanced features into their products. Infinito is also very active in engaging with crypto communities worldwide, evident through their on-going Ask-Me-Anything series.

“It has been a wonderful journey for Infinito, starting from Infinito Wallet to the well-established ecosystem we have today. Today, with the world-premier listing of INFT token, we hope to start providing an engaging token-based incentive model that encourages anyone - from the newbie or the crypto veteran - to explore the values of blockchain and enjoy using decentralized assets, applications, and services everyday through our great ecosystem.'', said Mr. Jack Nguyen, Director of Infinito.


Founded by a group of Wall Street quant trading veterans in July 2018, ( is a next-generation digital asset trading platform with a broad range of financial products and services for both retail and institutional clients. Especially the platform services sophisticated buy-side & sell-side institutions in both Eastern & Western demographics who are seeking highly liquid marketplace. continuously strives to provide global users with comprehensive trading products and has firmly established itself as a digital asset trading leader, with its core values of transparency, resilience and efficiency.

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About Infinito

Infinito aims to create a perfect blockchain experience for users, applications, and developers through its product ecosystem which includes Infinito Wallet, Infinito App Square, Infinito Blockchain Platform, and InfinitoPAY.

A professional team of 50 experts behind Infinito Wallet, App Square, Infinito Blockchain Platform, and soon, InfinitoPAY with intensive experience in blockchain technology including technical developers and researchers, business and marketing executives, designers, quality control engineers, and customer service officers. Registered in 80 Robinson Road, #08-01, Singapore 068898, registration number 201900666E.