An innovative new fiat ramp provided by Nash has been integrated into Aave. The Aave user interface is the first third-party UI to display the ramp, but Nash has also announced integrations with Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC) and Terra (LUNA).

Nash aims to improve the user experience of fiat ramps, offering lower rates and fees than competitors, instant transfers with SEPA and FPS and a simple purchase flow assisted by a companion app. Unlike many other ramps, Nash also offers the ability to sell cryptocurrencies on third-party platforms.

For crypto projects looking to offer a fiat gateway, Nash is an attractive solution, offering users in the European region the chance to purchase tokens with euros and pounds, with all customer service being handled within the Nash app. Integration is made straightforward through a widget.

Watch a demo of the Nash fiat ramp on the Aave user interface.

“The integration of our ramp into Aave’s platform confirms the value Nash can bring to top crypto projects. We hope to make access to DeFi even easier for retail users in Europe, and look forward to collaborating further with Aave this year in building crypto-powered earnings accounts directly in the Nash app,” said Kellogg Fairbank, CEO at Nash.

“Integrating Nash makes it seamless for users to acquire digital assets and onboard to the Aave Protocol. DeFi is all about making access to financial tools and services more accessible, and this secure, user-friendly solution is an important step in this direction. We’re looking forward to seeing what Nash builds in the future to move DeFi into the mainstream,” said Aave CEO Stani Kulechov.  

In Q3 2021, Nash plans to expand its fiat/crypto services with the incorporation of bank accounts directly into its platform, alongside non-custodial cryptocurrency wallets.