Guided by the mission to "Build the Global Financial Super App to Move Beyond Banking," Benk aims to onboard over 500 million users into the decentralized economy. Benk is designed to help people get more from their money.

Dubai, UAE, November 1, 2023 – Today, we’re excited to announce the birth of Benk, a 'bridge' into the decentralized economy, offering a secure, easy monetary management system and investment opportunities in startups, stocks, cryptos, and beyond, for anyone, anywhere. Our vision is to onboard over 500 millions of users into the decentralized economy and , thereby accelerating the world's transition to a decentralized future. In line with this vision, Benk will serve as a home for both centralized and decentralized products and foster an open ecosystem, welcoming all who wish to join the open financial system.

Our tagline, "Move Beyond Banking" reflects our aspiration to transcend traditional banking limitations and create a comprehensive financial ecosystem. Benk is not just about basic transactions—it's about facilitating any operation involving money, whether it involves fiat, crypto, securities, or other assets. With Benk, you won't need a bank account—we are moving beyond banking!

Benk is set to be inducted within Unidef, an investor and builder of the decentralized future. Leveraging Unidef's extensive experience in creating cryptocurrency products and implementing investment strategies.

Our founder, Azim Ghader, envisions Benk as a comprehensive financial solution armed with innovative tools. "Benk isn't just about simple transactions. Any transaction involving money, whether it's fiat, crypto, securities, or anything else, will be facilitated by Benk. It's not just about transferring $50 to a friend. I’m talking about, like, you won’t need a bank account. We are moving beyond banking."

Over the coming months, Benk will be recruiting additional teams to further diversify and support the ecosystem and will design incentive programs to reward early joiners and providing social impact grants. We will also be raising money in a private placement to help jumpstart the ecosystem and drive adoption.

We will also continue engaging with regulators, and experts to solicit feedback and ensure that Benk's governance reflects the needs of its users. We believe this will be a significant undertaking — and responsibility — and we will continue to work openly and collaboratively as we move toward our goal of launching this new ecosystem.

Benk is still in its early development stage. As we progress, we will consult a broad range of experts to ensure we can deliver a product that is secure, private, and easy for everyone to use. For more information and updates, visit

About Benk

Benk is building a global financial super app that empowers everyone to move beyond banking. Benk will offer a secure, easy money management system and investment opportunities for investing in startups, stocks, cryptos, and beyond for anyone, anywhere. Our vision is to "Onboard Over 500 Million Users into the Decentralized Economy," thereby accelerating the world's transition to a decentralized future.

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About Azim Ghader

Azim Ghader is an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the Global CEO of Unidef. He leads a global network of member organizations working together to accelerate the world's transition to a decentralized future, empowering all individuals to take control of their finances, data, and identity.

He can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter (@AzimGhader).

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