Singapore, April 26, 2022 — NFT Terminal, a service provider for the growing Web3 ecosystem, has announced updates to its beta platform. Along with a new homepage, NFT Terminal version 1.1 is introducing its Discover and Collections features, which provide recommendations and nonfungible token (NFT) collection rarity information, respectively. Version 1.1 also introduces new features such as a search bar and the ability to switch between dark and light user interfaces. 

The NFT Terminal team has developed, tested and released new features with the goal of “developing [their service] into a truly all-in-one platform for NFT traders and creators.” 

After releasing version 1.0, which featured real-time NFT data feeds, the team began working on developing the next phase of NFT Terminal. In addition to real-time data, a team representative said, “Our users want data that is personalized and relevant. Data that’s not put into context is useless, so we are building a better way to present data based on how users interact with our site.” 

One hallmark feature of version 1.1 is Discover, a new homepage that provides recommendations relevant to both the newest NFT buyers and the most seasoned traders. It also includes important on-chain data such as trending collections and organizes them by 24-hour volume and seven-day volume. Additionally, the newly added Upcoming section displays a countdown of NFT collections set for future release and lists them in chronological order by mint date. 

The Collections feature has pages where site visitors can quickly gather information, such as a collection’s average price and floor price. Furthermore, users can filter a collection’s NFTs by rarity and price. The NFT Terminal team has stated that because they extract data directly from the blockchain, the platform will automatically add new collections into its system.

The team has also added other updates, such as a search bar, where users find NFTs by entering a collection’s smart contract address. Other updates reportedly scheduled to roll out in upcoming weeks and months include Studio, a new tool for NFT creators, a personalized recommendation engine and more functions that will help traders find trending NFTs to purchase and sell. The team believes the ultimate goal for future iterations and updates is to provide users with a truly personalized, all-in-one experience on NFT Terminal. 

About NFT Terminal

NFT Terminal is a leading provider of Web3 services for the growing NFT market. The Singapore-based service provides a real-time analytics platform for NFT traders and a Discord bot for NFT creators. The company is dedicated to providing an accurate, real-time, and personalized data experience to everyone, from the newest NFT buyers to the most seasoned NFT traders.

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