Hololoot is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) nonfungible token (NFT) generator, marketplace and Metaverse built for widespread adoption.

NFTs are taking the world by storm, but one subsection of the market remains in its relative infancy: augmented reality. In a year filled with metaverse narratives pushing a future where virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality systems are just as common as regular smartphones, and the silence from AR platforms has been deafening.

Hololoot introduces the world’s first AR NFT generator, marketplace and metaverse designed for widespread adoption. Built by AR industry veterans, it combines the latest developments in 3D modeling with the unique properties of NFTs to produce an app that is simultaneously powerful and easy to use.

There are already over 1 billion AR-ready devices: Almost every smartphone is capable of an augmented reality experience. This presents a huge opportunity for hundreds of millions of people to access the 3D metaverse through Hololoot without the need for expensive virtual reality headsets. This largely untapped market is waiting for an entrant like Hololoot that can make AR accessible, fun, useful and profitable.

Through an intuitive interface, users can browse an extensive cloud-based marketplace, load and inspect assets on the fly and mint new AR NFTs using 3D models. Unlike other AR apps that require backend administration to add or modify assets, Hololoot is entirely self-service. Users can create and modify AR assets, mint NFTs and participate in the marketplace without any platform support. This functionality is a glaring hole in the current augmented reality market and Hololoot’s solution will position them as the frontrunner bringing this technology to the mainstream.

Hololoot is proud to be building with Enjin as an official technology partner. Beyond their flagship social gaming platform, Enjin empowers developers with a suite of easy-to-use SDKs that allow for seamless creation and management of virtual goods on the Ethereum blockchain. Hololoot has already partnered with several other gaming projects that are coordinating exclusive AR NFT drops and, as the metaverse grows, so will Hololoot and its list of collaborators and partners.

HOL token launching soon

The Hololoot team and community are getting ready for its public sale in the coming weeks. Over three days between Dec. 10 and 12, Hololoot’s native token HOL will be distributed through three launchpads Seedify, Synapse and Enjinstarter. This is a massive milestone for the project, but it only marks the beginning of their journey. More details regarding the public sale will be released in the lead-up.

HOL is the ticket to unlocking the full power of Hololoot. When staked, users earn attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) and get access to exclusive NFT drops. The staking mechanics are designed to lock capital in both liquidity and the ecosystem for as long as possible by offering amazing rewards to stakers.

As Hololoot grows, the HOL token will find even more utility. From marketplace discounts to accessing premium features and services, HOL unleashes the full potential of the Hololoot ecosystem.

Hololoot unlocks the future of AR and NFTs

AR bridges the virtual and the physical, creating an interface through which we can engage with both arenas. As more applications for NFTs are explored and as our lives continue to migrate online, AR interfaces are going to become essential. Everything from art and in-game drops through to retail items like clothes, furniture and accessories will have an NFT associated with them, and AR brings these things to life. Through Hololoot, engaging with AR NFTs is easier than it has ever been.

Learn more about Hololoot:

Website https://www.hololoot.io/

Twitter https://twitter.com/hololoot