Jan. 23, 2023 - Scar Speed is a fun free-to-play game being built on top of cutting-edge blockchain technologies by Renesis Tech and Arcadian Lab, which have a track record of developing blockchain solutions and chart-topping games. Players can truly own their game earnings as nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. The game revolves around a player-owned economy where players can buy, sell and trade resources they earn in the game and even “create” resources to sell to other players for profit.

In Scar Speed, players will test their skills on millions of miles of roads spread across various cities, countries and continents. The game’s open-world concept allows for endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing the universe and gameplay, with continuous development and updates adding new cities to explore.

In addition, the game also features a climate system with a day/night cycle that affects weather conditions, making each race unique and challenging. Players will need to master racing and battling in all sorts of conditions, from smooth roads to rocky mountains, snow-covered arenas to sandy deserts, and everything in between.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, Scar Speed offers limited-time special events with new and unique game content and time-exclusive game modes. These events may also be the only way to get certain game content that is not available elsewhere, making it truly special and valuable.

Accompanying the game is the Scar Speed Studio mobile companion app, where players can customize their favorite rides on the go to unleash the game. Players can expand their collection by participating in scheduled drops and completing challenges to unlock exclusive content.

Mustafa Mehmood, co-founder of Scar Speed, said:

“Adding financial value to a player’s time spent playing the game is the real revolution.”

Scar Speed is built on a foundation of skill-based gameplay design with no pay-to-win elements. The game is an open-ended car racing and battling universe where the Scar Speed core team builds functionality in collaboration with the community.

All and sundry would experience the thrill of skill-based racing and build individual empires in the player-owned economy of Scar Speed. Furthermore, the team built the foundation of the game and the white paper before even raising money.

The founders are involved in Web3 day and night as well as operating multiple successful Web2 businesses, which shows the depth of experience through which the game is built on. Have these guys cracked the code to the next big thing that potentially redefines how we play games? We’ll find out soon enough. Interestingly, everyone can reserve a whitelist spot on the website for $15 in XRP (XRP).

About Scar Speed

Scar Speed was formed as a joint venture between Mustafa Mehmood and Shaun Abdi, its co-founders. Having experience in the automotive, blockchain and game development industry, the mix is just right to build a racing game that could change the way we perceive the dynamically evolving world of blockchain games.


Name: Scar Speed

Email: hello@scarspeed.com

Website: scarspeed.com

Location: Toronto, Canada