The Atlo protocol is the newest launchpad to arrive in the Terra ecosystem.

Atlo — an aerospace-industry acronym: assembly, test and launch operations — decentralizes the launch process by empowering holders of its native token, ATLO, to vote on proposals from protocols.

Allocations for successful launches are decided using the Atlo rating: a system considering several factors to ascertain each person’s rank. There are no tiers or lotteries. 

ATLO tokenholders actively participate in the ecosystem to earn allocations in projects.

Atlo’s tagline — “You choose. We launch,” — captures its commitment to the power of governance the blockchain embodies, placing power in the hands of the community. The win-win incentive structure has struck a chord in the Terra space: More than 4,000 participants took part in its initial decentralized exchange offering.

Upcoming proposals

Four protocols have governance votes and, if successful, sales in the next few days. Fanfury and Minerva announced their intent to submit proposals to launch on Atlo in January. Dutch savings on-ramp Spaar and nonfungible token (NFT) service MintDAO announced their intent to submit earlier this week.

“The ethos of the Atlo team and community, in terms of decentralized governance, lies very much in line with that of Minerva. The Atlo community is curious and has a clearly diligent approach to the projects that are approved for its platform; this different mindset stood out to us as a good foundation to launch our project token from,” said James C., co-founder of Minerva. 

Adrian Ross, founder of Fanfury, said, “When we sought out a launchpad to partner with, we wanted one that was flexible, focused and community-driven. And Atlo hits the mark square-on.” 

Governance voting is open to ATLO tokenholders, with allocations for launches provided shortly after a successful proposal. Several more projects are expected to announce their intent to submit in the coming weeks.

Protocols interested in launching on Atlo should contact the team on its social media channels or by emailing to learn more about the process.


A fantasy sports-gaming platform bringing Web3 to sports lovers, with one of the lowest rake fees in the industry and a deflationary tokenomics model that rewards users.

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Minerva features real-world wine ownership appreciating as NFTs in the Terra space. The concept of en primeur, or wine futures, is coming to the blockchain. Its native token, TORCH, provides a way for merchants, wine lovers and investors to capture value from the product marketplace.

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Spaar makes use of the excellent interest rates offered by Anchor Protocol to provide a seamless and easy fiat currency on-ramp for Dutch citizens looking for a high-yield savings platform. Starting in the Netherlands, Spaar aims to become the preferred on-ramp of Europe.

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MintDAO is an NFT-minting platform for third-party projects to create collections with utility that rewards NFT holders. Each NFT collection will have a unique reward system tailored to suit its purpose.

About Atlo

Atlo is the newest launchpad on Terra, taking a decentralized approach to launching new protocols. ATLO is available on its site. ATLO tokenholders make all decisions via governance, from projects launched to changes to the platform itself. 

Atlo tokenholders earn their allocation opportunities through platform participation and are ranked using an Atlo rating system. For further information about the Atlo platform and the ATLO token, email