Intropia is the ultimate platform that connects companies and talent in the Web3 space. Powered by a network of introducers, this cutting-edge platform offers a one-stop-shop solution for finding and securing job opportunities. Intropia caters to talents, companies and introducers alike, providing a game-changing approach to recruitment.

As the Web3 market grows, there is an increasing demand for talent in the industry. Intropia has released a unique solution to help Web3 startups hire amazing talent through community introductions, as referrals are considered the best option for finding qualified candidates by 84% of recruiters.

The platform aligns incentives to ensure the best possible outcome for all parties, creating a positive sum talent ecosystem and ensuring that Intropia is a win-win solution for everyone.

For talent, Intropia is the perfect place to start the search for the next big opportunity in the Web3 space. After creating a profile, talent can access a customized feed of job opportunities matching their skills and experience. With one-click applications and tracking statuses, Intropia provides the best experience for Web3 professionals.

For startups, Intropia makes it easy to find and hire the best Web3 talent. With the platform, they can create organization profiles to build their presence and share job bounties, grants and hackathons.

The referral system is a game-changer for companies looking to streamline the hiring process. Companies can set a reward and incentivize hundreds of partners to recommend candidates whho are pre-vetted by Intropia’s Web3-native recruitment team to ensure they meet job requirements.

The referral recruitment system allows anyone to become an introducer and earn rewards by sharing open positions or recommending suitable candidates. The minimum reward for a successful referral recommendation is $3,000. Intropia is already working with well-known companies in the field, such as CoinsPaid, P2P, BinaryX and Underpay, and the number of listed organizations and jobs is growing rapidly.

Intropia was founded by a team of passionate experts with experience in Web2 HR, growth and Web3 to solve one of the biggest pain points in the industry and supercharge Web3 growth.

“Intropia is a missing puzzle for Web3 growth and adoption,” said Max Uperiaka, founder of Intropia. “With on-chain profiles, custom feeds and Introduce & Earn feature, we’re aiming to build the best Web3 talent platform that ever existed.”

Today, Intropia is live and ready to onboard professionals, introducers and companies. To sign up and try it yourself, visit

About Intropia:

Intropia’s mission is to provide easy solutions for Web3 companies and contributors to create, explore and apply to exciting opportunities from Web3 organizations. The platform includes grants, bounties, hackathons and full-time positions from the best Web3 startups and ecosystems.

Intropia is powered by a talent referral system, where anyone can earn rewards by sharing open positions or recommending the right candidates.

Despite the platform’s MVP being released only a couple of months ago, Intropia is already working with well-known companies in the field, such as CoinsPaid, P2P, BinaryX and Underpay. In December, the team successfully closed an angel round, thanks to the support of investors from Lido, Bitfury, Coin98 and many others.

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