Game monetization models are exhausted, and only blockchain technology with nonfungible tokens and DeFi features will bring new life and much higher engagement to the digital world.

There is an evident change from the free-to-play model with low monetization possibilities, where anybody can benefit from playing games thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchains allow for specific skills to be monetized through currencies and digital assets with open market dynamics.

IOI Corporation has decided to build a blockchain ecosystem, named Trade Race Manager, which is powered by decentralized finance and NFTs, with one token economy suitable for gamers, traders and crypto enthusiasts.

Trade Race Manager is a player-versus-player game that brings unlimited rewards and play-to-earn mechanics. The core gameplay revolves around collecting, using and trading nonfungible tokens.

We are developing an NFT that has more utilities instead of only being a collectible or gaming item. One of the biggest challenges for any cryptocurrency project is creating tangible utility for its underlying tokens or assets. As we’ve all seen over the years, many projects have launched without a clear product and offer tokens with no real use cases. 

The Trade Race Manager had its soft launch in 2020 and has since been upgraded, with 3D models and NFT features running on our scalable blockchain network.

Players need to own NFT cars to participate in races and predict the best performing portfolio of cryptocurrencies to start the race. There are races with different time frames and rewards. The one with the highest performance score is the winner. Even if the player does not win, they get daily staking rewards for holding NFTs. The more cars you hold, the more rewards you get. The structure is going to be as follows:

  • NFT cars.
  • An NFT team station.
  • NFT tracks.

The NFT cars, in six editions, are limited to 200,000 pieces that will have the following features:

  • Play and increase your chances to win rare cars.
  • Get a rare vehicle to double your rewards.
  • Gain access to different platform features. 
  • Get staking rewards.
  • Farming possibilities.
  • Sell on the marketplace.
  • Cross-chain gaming.
  • Hold the NFT as a collectible.

The NFTs will be available exclusively on the Arkane Network marketplace at pre-sale prices. Arkane has a unique feature that you can purchase the game items via PayPal; otherwise, the NFTs will be available on our platform via cryptocurrencies.

The main advantage is that all NFT transactions will run on the Matic Network with low fees.

NFT team station

We are going to launch the NFT team station to benefit more like the victorious team owner and profit from future price appreciation. We want to build a motivated community, so this can be another advantage to building winning teams.

The owner of the team has various opportunities. Build your racing team to get 20 % from each premium member and hire managers to win a championship.

NFT track

As the final step in the NFT journey, we will bring the possibility to buy a complete track. The owner will get 3% from every turnover. The rewards are regularly coming with the increasing volume.

More partnerships with many valuable companies and token features as governance are coming soon.

We hope you enjoyed the recent updates. Stay tuned for the next listing plan article.

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