Patented Mazinger Z Collection sculptures authorized by Japanese animation master Gou Nagai will be sold as nonfungible tokens (NFT) on Binance NFT Marketplace on Nov. 26. Tens of thousands of items will be available, with exclusive prizes in the “blind box.”

ACG Space, led by the famous Taiwanese cultural and creative team Norikaoda International, is committed to providing animation players with the most classic, genuine animation NFTs. Combining anime classics and blockchain technology, ACG Space’s flagship model this year is a new installation called “MazingerZ-INFINITY.” The physical statue was created by Taiwan Feiyao Culture Media and Norikaoda International.

According to the team, the launch includes a total of 17 series of NFTs, including a variety of classic armored pictures of Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger, displayed by well-known mechanical beast battle damage pictures, dynamic pictures and movies. The physical collection of statues includes one collection of a statue, a group of posture replacement parts, flame light and shadow LED special effect lights, and authorized certification cards.

The founder of ACG Space said that the collection value anime fans have always pursued lies in scarcity and classicality. The purpose of the initial version of “MazingerZ-INFINITY” was to gather collectors, inform people, and join ACG Space.

About ACG Space

We are a group of ACG lovers who hope that through various blockchain technologies, we can reach out to a wider range of fans in both the digital and physical worlds and that by using our services, people who love ACG can properly collect their favorite works and enjoy sharing the joy of collecting them with their peers.

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