JieData, a leading provider of professional on-chain data analytics from Singapore, has announced its expansion into the international markets.

Jerry Lee, founder and CEO of JieData, said, “Our team of data analysts has worked intensively for the past several years to launch a product that offers superior functions and a large set of data while also being very user-friendly. We just want to be the best in the field, and that has to be our benchmark.”

Lee, who has 12 years of experience in data analytics, has built up JieData nearly from scratch since he joined the crypto space in 2010. He founded Unchain Technology in 2018 and quickly expanded his team to more than 10 full-time data scientists that have developed and researched new tools to gain valuable insights from data on several public chains. After years of development and perfection, Lee and his team released their on-chain data analytics tool JieData in 2021.

JieData is vital for crypto pros due to JieData Explorer’s aid in tracing whale addresses and predicting the market’s direction.

Many JieData users successfully predicted the recent sharp drop of Bitcoin (BTC) based on balance distribution and stablecoin metrics. 

In the chart below, from July 2021 to April 2022, one can see the distribution balance metric correlates to BTC’s price trends.


However, one metric is not enough to predict a market; a better way is to track whale addresses behind transactions with JieData Explorer and analyze them. Due to the on-chain data’s transparency and openness, tracking whale addresses isn’t uncommon. However, JieData analysis tools are more accurate. Users can also bookmark these addresses, along with their transaction histories and income details and set alerts. 


JieData’s user guide is not complicated; only four steps are needed to analyze the market: 1) browse macro on-chain data; 2) find whale addresses; 3) build an address database; 4) set transaction alerts. 

Lee said, “Don’t blindly believe in any metric, because data can never predict the market with 100% accuracy, but people can. With JieData Explorer, you can easily find whale addresses and make your [own] judgment[s].”

JieData has strict privacy standards, so users don’t have to worry about address database leaks. 

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