Meta Cricket League is a new nonfungible token (NFT) driven play-to-earn (P2E) game that allows players to earn cash prizes and other crypto rewards by challenging other players., the international gaming NFT marketplace — introduced by GuardianLink — has announced its exclusive cricket game NFTs and digital cricket collectibles, which will be featured as a part of its NFT cricket game, Meta Cricket League (MCL).

Super Loot cricket NFT drop

The NFT drop will go live on April 22, 2022, offering an initial purchase in the form of Super Loot NFTs. The NFTs could either be a set of metaverse cricket players or a combination of metaverse players and authentic digital Cricket NFTs that are signed by some of the biggest legends of the game.

By introducing MCL, will become the first international gaming marketplace to launch a cricket NFT game, bringing with it new and exciting P2E opportunities. This will mean that players can monetize their time and effort spent on this game. By playing MCL, players can earn cash prizes and other crypto rewards by challenging other players.

Kameshwaran Elangovan, co-founder and chief operating officer of GuardianLink, said, “With this NFT drop and the game, we expect a major turning point not only for P2E NFT games but also for the perception of cricket.”

The NFT Treasure Box

Priced at $25, the Super Loot gives participants the assurance of owning metaverse cricket team player NFTs or the former, plus authenticated digital cricket NFTs of legends. 

To enhance the magnitude of participation and as a token of encouragement for the participants, has also introduced the Treasure Box for collectors who own five or more Super Loot NFTs. Participants can open one Treasure Box for every five NFTs they hold. The total value of the Treasure Box rewards is stated to be worth roughly $52,000 in total value. 

Utility and tradeability states that their NFTs are a combination of utility and tradeability. Players can monetize their gameplay and unlock incentives as they progress through the ranks and climb up the leaderboard. They can also get real-world utility for their digital assets. is expecting the authentic, signed digital cricket NFTs to achieve high value in the open marketplace. Regardless of value, the NFTs themselves gain experience, which is designed to make them more valuable with every game the players participate in. The MCL ecosystem is designed to be community-centric, and it will eventually be in the hands of the users when it comes to deciding the future of the game.

How to join the drop 

Participants will be able to access the Super Loot cricket NFT drop on April 22 at 11:30 am UTC. The GuardianLink wallet is now open for users to load funds, so they can access the NFT drops without any hassle on drop day.

About is a new NFT marketplace announced by GuardianLink that focuses on NFTs of gaming and international brands. This direct-to-consumer platform is powered by GuardianLink, a pioneer and innovator of NFT technology, with its roots embedded in the blockchain world since 2016. 

About GuardianLink

GuardianLink is the face behind many successful multi-million-dollar NFT collections such as “Amitabh Bachchan,” which sold out in 54 minutes, and “Stan Lee’s Chakra,” which sold out in under one minute. recently announced its first game called Meta Cricket League, which is bringing the excitement of real-world cricket to the Web3 playground. socials: 

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