Decentralized application platform Jupiter has been added to KuCoin exchange! Deposits opened 1 June at 10 am UTC and trading begins 2 June at 10 am UTC.

The Jupiter Project aims to make blockchain accessible and safe for everyone. Jupiter’s encryption technology helps ensure that user data is private and secure. With these capabilities, Jupiter can power secure decentralized applications on public and private networks based on our client’s wishes. The growing Jupiter Project team is releasing new versions of the wallet and Metis, a decentralized double- encrypted messenger,  at a very consistent pace. Jupiter gives users and holders access to staking, on-chain Asset Exchange (DEX), voting, asset creation, multi-signature safety, coin shuffling, aliases, and conditional transactions, to name a few.

“Since 2017, we have been working towards this goal. This is a huge day for our project to give awareness, credibility, and the power of patience for our longevity. Crypto and non-crypto people alike will begin to see the vision of our project and realize how much privacy really matters.”

Creating dApps on Jupiter is very simple and affordable. The Jupiter Project created an SDK called Gravity to quickly deploy customized applications. With Gravity, users can build distributed applications, or dApps, that solve problems like user-to-network trust, privacy, security, and accountability. Gravity-based applications are 100% customizable, secure, and always encrypted with Gravity -and- Jupiter’s encryption technology. 

Our flagship dApp, Metis, is in test flight review and on the glide path for release in the coming weeks. Utilizing Jupiter’s blockchain, Metis can provide a fully encrypted, decentralized chatting service. Through JSON formatting and our military-grade encryption, the Metis application can secure every single message on the platform. Metis uniquely uses accounts for channels and builds each user their channel list that is stored in their account. This enables account portability across any Metis instance. If you would like to take Metis for a spin, please sign up for Test Flight.

Note: When Metis hits the app stores, you will NOT need to provide an email or phone number to sign up. This is only for Test Flight testing. Email addresses are only used for notifying testers of new versions.

For more information about Jupiter and our project, please visit or join our Telegram channel.

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