Blue Monster Games, the gaming studio behind the NFT-driven Kart Racing League, has announced the public sale of its highly anticipated KRL governance token, which will start on Friday, Nov. 12 at 2:00 pm UTC.

Kart Racing League will be among the first 3D nonfungible token (NFT)-based games to market this year, combining the play-to-earn and evolution features of Axie Infinity, with the addictive game-play of titles such as Rocket League.

KRL, the governance token behind Kart Racing League, will be available to purchase at CopperLaunch’s auction, which will run from Nov. 12 to Nov. 15.

Joseph Rubin, co-founder and CEO of Blue Monster Games, said, “We are thrilled to announce that our public sale will start on Friday, Nov. 12. Bringing a project of this size to the market is breaking a lot of ground in the NFT gaming space, and it’s going to turn a lot of heads. Giving our community the chance to directly buy into the project and to shape their own universe is the future of gaming.”

Blue Monster Games is focusing its efforts on the emerging play-to-earn NFT game industry, a segment that is expected to see tremendous growth.

Rubin said, “The growth of play-to-earn and NFT-driven games like Kart Racing League is something that won’t be ignored for long. Mega-game studios are still trying to get their heads around this space, whereas KRL governance token holders have a ticket to be first in line. I’m not only excited for us as a company but I’m also excited to see our community directly benefit as a result.”

For more information and frequently asked questions, go to the Kart Racing League Medium page.

About Blue Monster Games

Blue Monster Games is a Florida-based corporation dedicated to the development of video games utilizing NFT technology. These gaming projects are based on a play-to-earn model, meaning that players have the opportunity to earn money in-game.

Blue Monster is the producer of Kart Racing League, which features 3D NFT characters that can be used to play a Sonic-inspired kart racing game, earning users rewards for every race they win. The team is also working on several different projects that will be announced over the coming months.

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About Kart Racing League

Kart Racing League is a Sonic-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can race one another in an online multiplayer format, collect, trade, and evolve their playable NFT characters.

Combining the best elements of electrifying arcade and fast-paced competitive style kart racing, Kart Racing League lets players face off online in intense multiplayer racing across brilliant tracks, collecting power-ups and speed boosts along the way.

The key difference between KRL and a traditional kart racing game is that blockchain economic design is used to reward our players for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new model of gaming has been dubbed “play-to-earn.”

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Ashley Preininger

Blue Monster Games