Singapore, March 9, 2023 — The KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) announced that KCC has officially launched the gas revenue program and opened the project registration channel. All successfully registered projects will enjoy the KCC gas refund service from March 15.

The KCC gas revenue program is a supplement to the KCC ecosystem incentive program, which reduces the on-chain projects’ development cost by subsidizing gas. The KCC team will comprehensively review the registered projects from multiple dimensions, such as the track to which the project belongs, development status, deployed time and project interaction, determining the gas subsidy ratio, which can reach up to 100%. The KCC Management Foundation will provide financial support for the KCC gas revenue program.

To celebrate the official launch of the KCC gas revenue program and give back for supporting the projects on-chain, KCC has launched two limited activities. One is for any projects deployed on the KCC registered for the gas revenue program, having passed the review. Projects can enjoy the top gas subsidy in the track of the project from March 15 to May 31. The other one is for new projects successfully deployed on the KCC that have registered for the gas revenue program and have been successfully reviewed. Projects can enjoy a three-month top gas subsidy in the track. For specific event information, please visit the KCC official website.


Leandre, a core member of KCC GoDAO, said:

“As an exchange public chain, we are committed to providing a better developmental environment for projects and a better user experience for users. Focusing on the real market demand and the pain points of developers’ needs is what we have been doing. We hope that the existence of the gas revenue program can reduce the operating cost pressure on developers, and allow developers to do more creative things. Of course, we also hope that more and more developers can join the KCC ecosystem as we build the future of Web3 together.”

According to the officials, KCC also announced a series of measures that will be released in the near future to provide a better developmental environment for projects, including market support, financial support, development tools and introducing centralized exchange listing resources.

About KCC

Launched on June 16, 2021, KCC is a decentralized public chain with high performance built by developer fans of KuCoin and KCS. KCC’s purpose is to solve problems such as low performance and high cost of the public chain and provide community users with a faster, more convenient and less costly experience.

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