Bitget’s first King’s Cup Global Invitational is available for registration at 10:00 am, October 20, 2021 (UTC+8). The official announcement shows that the registration period for this event is 10:00 am (UTC+8) on October 20, 2021 through 10:00 am (UTC + 8) November 4, 2021/10/20, and the competition runs from 10:00 am (UTC + 8) on November 30, 2021 through 10:00 am (UTC+8) on November 20, 2021.

It is reported to be the first derivatives trading competition held by Bitget for global users that support multiple languages. The specific contest rules and the distribution plan of the prize pool have been published. Users can check them on its official website or on various social media platforms. The trading competition is divided into four divisions in terms of supported languages: Korean, Japanese, English and Russian, covering more than fifty countries spanning regions around the world. Any users speaking the above languages are welcome to participate.

To inspire more traders, Bitget has made several innovations in the rules and prize pool. The main sessions of this competition include a team battle and an individual competition. Users can participate in both games and get dual rewards. In the team battle, traders who register as a captain and successfully form a team will have priority in getting 10% of the prize pool and the chance to win an exclusive nonfungible token (NFT). In the individual competition, rewards will be distributed based on individual profits and PNL%. This means outstanding traders can obtain larger shares. 


Moreover, captains will unlock the BGB rewards pool if they recruit enough valid users to form a team. The team that is most successful in acquiring new users will get 40,000 BGB, with the captain receiving 40% and members splitting the remaining 60% based on the proportion of their trading volumes. Within each division, the Top10 captains in terms of bringing new users will get an exclusive benefits package, including 60,000 BGB per person for signing with Bitget, top media exposure and the chance to become co-ambassadors of Bitget's next trading competition.

To ensure an ultimate and smooth user experience, Bitget has been constantly innovating technology, updating products and upgrading services. The trading contest is held to give back to the platform users through rich rewards and helping to build a more robust derivatives ecosystem. It also aims to identify outstanding traders who can achieve stable profits and provide a stage for participants to showcase their trading abilities.

After thorough preparation and deliberate planning, the first KCGI has opened for registration on Bitget’s official website and various social media accounts with more information ready for you to explore. In the future, KCGI will gradually become a benchmark in the derivatives trading segment and add more diversity to similar events. Now the competition is about to start. We wish all participants the best of luck in winning prizes and honor to those with outstanding results.