KickPad, one of the most anticipated DeFi platforms, is announcing its first initial DEX offering featuring the Orakuru project, which is an oracle running on Binance Smart Chain. At launch, it will have the highest number of BSC-based feeds. Each node will earn APY for validating.


Among the key reasons why people are drawn to crypto is its peer-to-peer nature. Crypto assets let users operate in different financial markets and interact with various types of assets without intermediaries. In pure numbers, this trend is represented by the $42 billion locked-up in decentralized finance projects.

High-yield farmable deflationary DeFi tokens disrupt and transform the traditional finance system. They target the yield sector and emphasize community governance, giving the power to token holders. This is made possible because of anonymous projects led by undisclosed developers and being released on incognito platforms. Initial DEX offerings are a crucial piece of this puzzle.

Privacy and the right to anonymity are among the central values of IDOs and a principle shared by the DeFi community as a whole. This is made possible thanks to innovative actors that form the backbone of the Web 3.0 infrastructure, like Orakuru.

About Orakuru

Orakuru is a Binance Smart Chain community-verified oracle. It is a trustless feed of prices and off-chain data that “brings everything in” for a prediction market from job requests right through to the results of a UFC fight.

Orakuru relies on delegated nodes and a staking system. This way, each node can either earn a reward or be punished when failing to truthfully validate the results. Initially, they will have seven nodes to provide trustless services, allowing them to become adequately decentralized. Each node is set up using “scrapers,” which is the code that pulls in the data. 

It is community-focused, and in Q3, Orakuru will proceed with the creation and delegation of tokens toward the DAO treasury. For transparency and proposals, the community may refer to Later, the project will support other blockchains.

Follow the official Telegram (Group)  to receive Orakuru's latest news, development, and launch details. If you feel like contributing with marketing, design, operations, or development, they have a Discord channel with the possibility of directly talking to the team and its developers.

1. Orakuru has mainly been focusing on development until now. In the upcoming weeks, they will focus on building their community. The community focus is not just a marketing move. Orakuru will eventually be community-run. Members can contribute with development, marketing, design, upcoming updates, or participate in governance. The Telegram is mostly used for news, updates, and normal engagement. However, in the Discord community, members will have the possibility to communicate with Orakuru's team members and developers actively. 


2. In Orakuru’s IDO launch article, they hinted at a “special event” for KickPad holders.

About KickPad

Orakuru is the first project on KickPad, which aims to become the highlight of presale platforms. Transparency, safety and quality are synonymous with this IDO marketplace, as it offers an automatic liquidity lock solution. Before, investors had to fully trust owners of new-made projects without any safety net. But not anymore.

KickPad operates on BSC and offers the benefits of fast transactions and low fees. It addresses the issues of anonymity, liquidity locking and refunds in case an IDO doesn’t reach its soft cap. Investors see how long the liquidity is locked and can observe the selling progress and how interest generates. 

An accompanying component is KickDex, which provides complete transparency for both the seller and the buyer. It is a “rugproof presale platform” to relieve the stress of liquidity locking. How it works: during a presale, KickDex diminishes the seller’s chance to run away with one’s money without adding and locking liquidity to an exchange. A smart contract forces this process automatically.