With racing, upgrading car parts and trading gears, KingSpeed is more than just a nonfungible token (NFT) car racing game, it’s also a rising star in the NFTs gaming industry. On Nov. 26, KingSpeed announced their KSC’s public sales will start on Tuesday, Nov. 30 on Krystal Go, followed by Game Station on Dec. 1 and Oxbull on December 2 and 3. 

Just two days ago, KingSpeed closed their strategic private round, securing $1.2 million in total investments. The project is supported by reputable partners in the market and has been confirmed by some big names such as Dext Force Venture, Basics Capital, Kyber Alumni Fund, Au21, Maven Capital and more. These strong partnerships will be essential for KingSpeed throughout development and will be applied to the game. Collaborations with such big players in the industry will support the project on their objective of expanding their NFT market segment, which is expected to see tremendous growth.

KingSpeed’s CEO Tuyen Khuc, also known as the CEO of CryptoX Ventures, is an experienced software/product manager in DApps and blockchain. After closing the private round, he shared, “The initial investment of our investors means a lot to us. It gives us peace of mind to invest in research and development to deliver the most polished product to the community. We are very grateful to our investors who have always supported us in every way”.

KingSpeed features and game modes

KingSpeed aims to combine both free-to-play and play-to-earn models in their gaming system, allowing everyone to start playing the KingSpeed game without having to start off paying large amounts of money to acquire NFTs. All users have the ability to claim and use a simple and generic NFT car with the same basic statistics. Players can buy, sell and trade or even rent their unused assets to generate passive income. Players who want to experience but cannot afford to purchase new, rare or strong NFTs, may rent NFT cars for a period. 

KingSpeed provides gamers with four different modes from which to choose: time trial, multiplayer race, 1-1 race mode and daily quest. Players can also predict the race’s outcome before the race. The player who correctly predicts the winning car receives all of the tokens after the race is finished.

Kingspeed and KSC token 

Since the NFT gaming industry is growing and changing, KingSpeed is more than just a game — it's also a way for players to earn from their efforts. KingSpeed Crystal, or KSC, will be available on Binance Smart Chain and will be used as the in-game currency for purchases, collecting, competition fees, car upgrades and more. In addition, KSC can be staked in our system to receive rewards. 

Major upcoming developments

KingSpeed is expected to release the NFT car, staking system & Web game this December, along with marketplace publishing. Next year, their main focus will be on releasing the prediction and renting system, along with the mobile version of the game.

About KingSpeed

KingSpeed is inspired by the idea of the Apocalypse, with extreme phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions occurring frequently. KingSpeed’s race tournaments are held to find the best and most fuel-efficient cars for different climates and terrains. KingSpeed is a free-to-play and play-to-earn blockchain-based racing game where players use NFT cars and equipment to challenge other players in a vast and ever-expanding racing world. In KingSpeed, users can collect rare virtual items including cars, characters, gears, and race tracks. The player can use their collectibles to join a race, compete and earn rewards — and can claim one free car to start playing the game.

KingSpeed’s core team is full of faces in the gaming, blockchain, art design, crypto and marketing industries who, together, have many years of experience, and are joined by the vision of turning KingSpeed into a lifestyle for those passionate about blockchain gaming and of course, racing. 

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