Klubcoin is the first cryptocurrency designed specifically with the electronic music industry in mind. It is already trusted by some of the world’s strongest brands and is an empowering, fast-growing ecosystem that allows clubs, festivals, artists and DJs to offer crypto-ownership and rewards to their loyal fans. As part of this new fan-token economy, Klubcoin can be used at both physical and metaverse events and is now open to new partner applications. 

KlubCoin is launching the first global cryptocurrency for all clubbers, festival-goers and electronic music fans, creating an innovative new “party-to-earn” model. It is a payment method accepted by all partners in the Klubcoin ecosystem, but more than that, Klubcoin also offers instant cashback and rewards when products and services are purchased from partners.

The Klubcoin partners list is ever-expanding and includes clubs, festivals, ticketing platforms, DJ stores, consumer electronics brands, streaming music services and nonfungible token (NFT) marketplaces. Buying products from partners means Klubcoin users can collect and earn tokens, which they can then spend on other products and services in the Klubcoin ecosystem or convert them back into euros or United States dollars — all within a safe environment. Alternatively, by holding Klubcoins in a wallet, tokenholders will get access to exclusive parties, sold-out events, NFT rewards, meet-and-greets with international DJs and money-can’t-buy experiences curated especially for the Klubcoin family.

The Klubcoin cryptocurrency is already trusted by some of the world’s most recognizable brands of the industry, including Amnesia Ibiza, Festicket, Clubbing TV and many tech and Web3 partners such as Dolby.io, Ledger, Atlanticus Music and DJenerates. 

Stéphane Schweitzer, CEO of Clubbing TV, said, “Klubcoin’s party-to-earn model is quite unique in the crypto-sphere and for sure has never been seen before in the electronic music industry. The more you party, the more you earn. It’s a virtuous circle for electronic music lovers.”

Zack Sabban, co-founder of Festicket, Event Genius and Rlty.Live, said, “Klubcoin is creating a strong ecosystem for clubs, festivals, and artists and DJs to give ownership and rewards to their loyal music fans. We are excited to be part of this new fan-token economy and look forward to accelerating users’ usage at both physical and metaverse events.”

Martin Vega, CEO of Amnesia Ibiza, said, “Klubcoin is a great match for Amnesia. After launching our first NFT collection and opening the first metaverse superclub in Decentraland with Decentral Games, it became natural to pursue our development in Web3, and Klubcoin was the perfect option for us.”

Klubcoin is currently expanding its ecosystem of partners. All interested DJs, clubs, brands and festivals should apply at Klubcoin.net/apply

The public listing of the token is due to happen in the second quarter of 2022, and all interested investors are encouraged to get in touch at Klubcoin.net/invest

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