Finance and healthcare are representative industry where blockchain technology can be applied well and many related projects have appeared. There are also ways to untilize both fields at once that is introducing blockchain technology into the insurance field, which includes both finance and health care. It is being utilized as an axis of the MTP (먹튀폴리스).

MTP (먹튀폴리스) is a major insurance blockchain of Reverse ICO (Initial Coin Offering) procjet by insurtech company 'ZIKTO' (먹튀). This company 'ZIKTO' (먹튀) is originally a manufacture of wearable health care devices and also the early bird of the blockchain industry joined the government-led blockchain convergence service with SK telecom, Coin Plug and Daily intelligence (안전놀이터) since last year February before the blockchain industry is developed.

This government business was the reason ZIKTO (먹튀) made to enter the blockchain industry by awareness of its value that insurance is the best blockchain technology in the health care field. Kim Kyung-tae, MTP co-president, said, "Insurance is the area where smart contracts based on blockchains are best used," he said. "Nowadays, insurance claims cycles are getting very fast, so we need automated functions like smart contracts," he emphasised "Insurance is no longer a traditional industry."

Insurance blockchain? ....MTP dreams of insurance ecosystem that... build a token economy on a blockchain network between insurers, insured and related service developers. The insured will receive the token from MTP (먹튀폴리스) after providing the personal data that can use the shared data to develop the insurance product by insurer or developers. This is the flame that individuals receive fair compensation for the data and companies collect data at the low prices without brokerage and there are plan to increase the amount of data on public centered data and living database, which is relatively easy to verify.

In order to achieve the goal of MTP (먹튀폴리스), the first priority is the securing users. Becuase benefits can be given to all participants when ecosystem grow from maximized data. co-president Kim said, "We will construct an early ecosystem based on existing partnerships with ZIKTO (먹튀)." "Insurers will use MTP (먹튀폴리스) to reduce the cost of data collection, but instead provide a better service, and customers want to join the ecosystem," he said. "We will not be using the token price to attract users."

Aim to convenient blockchain service... "The reason why platform change to Klaytn(먹튀검증)" = Another goal of MTP is to create a convenient blockchain service which makes users feel comfortable with blockchain based service platform. Thus, MTP have changed the platform from the Etherium to Klaytn(먹튀검증). Kim said "The time that users can wait for a contract is a maximum of 10 seconds" and also said, "Since Etherium's transaction processing speed is too slow, we have to change the platform for the convenience of users." Etherium's trading volume per second (TPS) is around 15-20. Although the main net has not been released yet, Klaytn's trading volume per second is known to be about 1,500.

MTP (먹튀폴리스) joins in the one of eight Klaytn's DApp parnter for insurance area  that announced on last Tuesday. Kim said, "The biggest problem with current blockchain services that is difficult to use by ordinary users." he continued "Klaytn (먹튀검증) has become a partner becuase it is a platform to trying to eliminating the entry barriers such as electronic wallets and private keys." Kim also answered about "Decentralization" of Klyatn's business philosophy that is somewhat offest in the way to secure the partnership. Klyatn (먹튀검증) is acquiring a DApp partners centered on Reverse ICO projects with exisiting users. Kim said, "The way Klyatn (먹튀검증) collects the DApps has become somewhat centralized, but if the number of users increase, it means that it is more decentralized."

MTP (먹튀폴리스) will continue to lead the insurance industry through blockchain technology with a partner platform. Kim said, "Insurance and blockchain technology are inextricably tied together," he wishes "We want to make a world at the forefront of change where insurer and insured both get satisfied and anyone can develop insurance services even if not an insurer."

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