L2Y, the first GameFi infrastructure and trading platform, received $3.7 million in seed capital from a group of investors led by Hack VC, A&T Capital, Kenetic Capital and Protocol Labs. Fenbushi Capital, NGC Ventures, HashKey Capital, CollinStar Capital, FBG Capital, Foresight Ventures, DoraHacks and Starboard also joined the raise.

The L2Y platform is officially launched today. It integrates various Web 3.0 metaverse data into one platform so that users are informed of everything they need to know about GameFi. It also allows for relationships to be built in one place with guilds, game developers, players, tokenholders and traders. Users can now effectively screen out high-quality projects and best-return GameFi opportunities.

“GameFi is one of the most compelling new trends in crypto,” said Alex Pack, managing partner of Hack VC. As a full-stack crypto investor and participant in the crypto ecosystem, Hack VC has already invested dozens of unicorns — such as 1inch, Amber, Celo, DYDX, Mina and Terra — at their earliest stages.

“Sooner than we may think, everyone in the world will live and work together in a user-owned, crypto-enabled metaverse. The GameFi model, where users earn ownership in the worlds in which they work and play, will be the organizing principle behind the metaverse. L2Y.com is building core infrastructure for this new world, helping users navigate the crypto metaverse and understand the best opportunities within it.”

“GameFi will grow into a multi-trillion dollar industry within five years, generating massive infrastructure needs. L2Y is at the forefront of empowering the gaming industry with the tools and data to scale players and platforms into the GameFi era,” said Jehan Chu, the founder of Kenetic Capital.

With this financing round, L2Y will continue to accelerate the platform’s growth and enhance the comprehensive user experience by advancing its functionalities. “Our vision is to build up an ecosystem for all GameFi participants, so that we don’t just lead in GameFi trade data and analysis. Our GameFi guild alliance, GameFi marketplace, including scholars-freelancer marketplace, NFT OTC and NFT-Asset custody-earning and lending market, Guild incubator and FOF, will follow in the coming months,” said Lester Li, founder and CEO of L2Y, who is ex-head of Huobi’s institutional business and nonfungible token over-the-counter desk, and former CEO of Huobi Europe.

The GameFi and metaverse ecosystems have been rapidly expanding their presence. L2Y is working toward realizing the GameFi future and becoming a crucial part of the new generation of gaming that is being developed on the blockchain.

About L2Y

L2Y was established in 2021, and every team member comes from leading firms in the blockchain industry. Founders of L2Y are veterans in strategic investment, games and technical fields. We provide not only GameFi guild trading service platforms but also GameFi incubating services and investment in both the primary and secondary market of the GameFi metaverse sector.