Labs Group, one of the first end-to-end blockchain-based real estate investment platforms, has just partnered with Polygon (previously Matic Network) to introduce a superior full-stack scaling solution on top of its Ethereum application. Labs Group has introduced a new way for users worldwide to begin investing in real estate for the first time, starting with as low as $100. However, with sky-high Ethereum gas fees that show no sign of decreasing any time soon, many users still face a high barrier to entry when it comes to accessibility. Following this partnership integration, with Labs Group successfully deploying smart contracts on Polygon Network, users can rest assured that they will be able to conduct transactions without facing unsustainably high transaction fees. 

Further integration

Following this partnership, Polygon will integrate its network into the Labs platform, developing a multi-chain scaling solution specifically designed to solve the problems of high gas fees and slow transaction finality. This is accomplished through Polygon, a scaling solution built on top of Ethereum’s base layer to optimize transactional capacity. With the scalability solutions implementation such as Polygon’s, the transaction does not need to initially be verified by the entire Ethereum blockchain, which causes high fees, but only by Polygon validators built alongside Ethereum, drastically reducing costs and speeding up end-user transaction speeds. 

The benefits of this type of partnership are clear to all parties involved, as Labs and its users get instant access to better rates, reducing them to a fraction of the cost it would take via traditional Ethereum validation, and Polygon gets to add another intuitive and value-adding platform to its portfolio of partner projects. With the start of this collaboration, both Labs and Polygon are one step closer to permeating mainstream adoption, setting themselves up for greater future success as they continue to offer superior abilities within their offerings. 

Labs Group has been looking for a solution that will ease the transactional burden of its users, and it has found that solution through this newfound partnership with Polygon. Besides Labs, many other users and developers have begun to take notice of the high-level services that Polygon can usher in, as it has been steadily climbing the ranks of top cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, showing the growing interest and immediate necessity needed from a successful full-stack solution like Polygon. With this integration, users will be able to fractionalize, crowdfund, lend and exchange their tokenized real estate assets in a much more cost-efficient manner.

What is Labs Group?

Labs Group is an end-to-end real estate investment platform built on Ethereum to offer new opportunities to the real estate investment industry. With Labs, users can gain investment exposure to world-class properties, offering them financial stability and long-term wealth generation previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals and investors. Using Labs, anyone can easily fractionalize their real estate, use real estate holdings as collateral for a loan, crowdfund real estate, and trade real estate tokens on a regulated securities exchange.

What is Polygon?

Formerly known as Matic, Polygon is a full-stack scaling solution designed to make Ethereum-based transactions more efficient. Polygon is a multi-chain scaling solution, utilizing side chains in order to verify platform transactions without routing them through the entire Ethereum network. Through this methodology, transaction fees rapidly decrease, while transaction speed increases, creating a win-win situation for both application developers and end-users.

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