The successful launch of the Arbitrum token ($ARB) has made history as one of the largest crypto airdrops by volume. Early adopters and users of the Ethereum Layer 2 network are pleased with the generosity of the Arbitrum Foundation – some have even become overnight millionaires, receiving millions of airdrop tokens. Apart from the official airdrop, BitKeep users are entitled to additional rewards by exchanging their Arbitrum Futures token ($ARBK) for ARB.

The massive success of Arbitrum has sparked an "airdrop craze" in the crypto community. Everyone is looking for the next big project and potential airdrop. Sui, the first fully permissionless Layer 1 blockchain, has now become the target. All blockchain enthusiasts are anticipating its mainnet token ($SUI) airdrop. However, things have gone contrary to the community's wishes, as the co-founder of Mysten Labs, the company behind Sui, has denied the possibility of airdrop chances on Twitter.

Source: Twitter.

Source: Twitter

While crypto users are left disappointed, fret not, as BitKeep has got you covered! With Bitget, one of the world's top crypto derivatives and copy trading exchanges, BitKeep has jointly launched the Sui Futures token ($SUIBG) airdrop campaign for all BitKeep users. This is your only chance to get free SUI airdrops!

SUIBG is a credential token for exchanging Sui's official token. By completing corresponding tasks and holding SUIBG, BitKeep users are 100% guaranteed eligibility for claiming official Sui tokens in the future. Be sure to participate in the tasks listed below to get free SUIBG airdrops now. Hurry up, the clock is ticking, and the campaign will end on April 17th, 2023!

Red packet airdrops

New BitKeep users can claim a SUIBG red packet airdrop of 5 $SUIBG.

Airdrop SUIBG to users who complete ARBK trading tasks

Users who hold ARBK and have completed the previous ARBK trading tasks will be eligible for a 5 SUIBG airdrop.

Trading rewards

Users can receive up to 1,000 SUIBG airdrops based on total transaction volume.

Inviting friends

Invite your friends to trade for $100 in BitKeep Swap and get an extra SUIBG airdrop. You are welcome to invite as many friends as you have!

Participate in the SUIBG campaign on Bitget

Complete Bitget tasks to get raffle chances and win SUIBG.

For red packet claims and more campaign details, please refer to this announcement. Please note that only BitKeep users who participate through official campaigns are eligible to exchange SUIBG for SUI. SUIBG purchased through BitKeep Swap, DEXes, or transfers are ineligible for the SUIBG exchange.

BitKeep and Bitget reserve the final rights for explanations. Rewards for the event and qualifications to claim will be canceled if participants are found to misbehave or cheat.

Thank you for your support and trust in BitKeep and Bitget. We will launch more trending events and look forward to your participation!