Launchpool: noun — A group of crypto industry participants who pool together resources to launch projects.

This project is in no way affiliated with Binance or the Binance Launchpool.

Even though blockchain was created to make the financial sector more inclusive and equitable, which it undoubtedly has, there still remains some pitfalls in the ecosystem. According to the way hierarchies work, the ones at the top, in this case, large scale hedge funds, gain the most benefits from their involvement in cryptocurrency projects to the detriment of other parties. By putting up large amounts of capital to partially fund a project, investment funds reap the primary rewards while the future stakeholders in the ecosystem have to settle for significantly worse rates.

This financial model is getting flipped on its head by a new decentralized ledger-based project, Launchpool, that enables all stakeholders in an ecosystem to obtain assets at equal rates. Launchpool utilizes its diverse community and native cryptocurrency, LPT, to offer investment funds, traders and new cryptocurrencies project options that have never been accessible before. With Launchpool’s imminent launch ready to take place, the investing space will have to do some internal reflections to see how it will be able to compete.

Uniquely incentivizing every stakeholder

Launchpool has developed a way to incentivize everyone involved in the project so that all stakeholders can feel equally valued. This breaks down into three distinct segments: investors, investment funds and projects. Investors benefit by holding LPT, which gives them access to new investment fund project offerings at the same price as the firm. Users can benefit from earlier community involvement, a better acquisition price, and the opportunity to feel like a more valued contributor to the project. 

New cryptocurrency projects mainly benefit in two ways: gaining access to a large and active community and an increase in available capital. The Launchpool community includes some of the top names in the blockchain sector; new projects can leverage themselves through association and communication among top tier contributors. The Launchpool community is also incentivized to become part of the project’s community, bootstrapping the launch phase of projects.

The last piece of the puzzle is the investment funds, which traditionally have the most to gain from using the legacy system. Besides the opportunity to fundamentally help those involved within the cryptocurrency space, hedge funds can use the Launchpool network to growth-hack their investments and access more high-quality projects. Like taking on thousands of new marketers, social media managers and promoters, hedge funds can use the community they allow to invest to become hardcore evangelicals for the project, promoting within all the nooks and crannies that hedge funds do not have intimate experience with. They also gain personal insight into user thoughts and insights into the project, harnessing the crowd’s collective knowledge.

Launchpool is an innovative new platform that has already attracted partnerships with some of the most prominent cryptocurrency-focused investment funds on the market. The benefits it can offer to new projects, investors and funds are sure to excite anyone with experience in trading, venture capital or investment management.