The blockchain ecosystem is growing exponentially. It has brought prosperity to most African countries by creating wealth for individuals and fast economic growth for their people. 

However, many believe that the region is yet to tap into its full potential — leveraging blockchain technology to build a solid ecosystem. As a result, there has been an increasing global interest in Africa recently, with many prominent investors and companies looking to invest in this promising continent.

LBank has set up shop in various locations in Africa as pioneers of the next generation of crypto and blockchain users, collaborating with other African ventures such as Adanian Labs that shares a similar desire to help these countries realize their full potential.

Adanian Labs is a Pan African venture-building studio with a mission to build, incubate and launch impact-driven technology companies and entrepreneurs working to solve some of Africa’s most pertinent challenges.

To commemorate the commencement of this joint enterprise, LBank CEO Allen Wei and chief operating officer Shantnoo Saxsena are in Kenya to kick off the maiden edition of its venture into Kenya.

The LBank team, alongside the Cardano ecosystem team, inaugurated the commencement of the Crypto Accelerator program launch, with a panel discussion on how Africa can benefit from fostering developers for good use cases that will set it apart on its path to becoming the blockchain center for nonfungible tokens, GameFi and the metaverse.

The event and workshop also saw many technology-based startups, including a prototype to develop a commercially viable product pitch in front of a panel of venture capital firms and industry experts.

The LBank CEO took the opportunity to announce that the crypto exchange will continue sealing strategic partnerships. He added that LBank is open to meeting different organizations and institutions to learn about how it can tailor goods and services to serve Africa better.

With its commitment to community building and education, LBank, the top crypto exchange, will support these startups in their optimum capacities. The exchange is setting the pace for a whole new level of tech development in Kenya.

Consequently, a series of meet-ups dubbed LBank and Adanian Crypto Days will take place in Africa each month.

Above all, LBank will continue to build relationships with the community and help spread knowledge of crypto and the blockchain in Africa. In addition, the globalization program will help many African countries see the dawn of a new era.

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