LBank Exchange, or Ledger Bank Exchange, was founded in 2015 and registered in the British Virgin Islands. LBank Exchange is a top cryptocurrency trading platform that has licenses from National Futures Association, Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre and money services businesses in Canada. LBank Exchange provides safe, professional and convenient cryptocurrency exchange services to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC) and other cryptocurrencies, as well as derivatives services, grid strategy and decentralized finance mining for global users.

Global layout

With the borderless nature of blockchain technology, LBank Exchange is not only a trading platform but also a bridge to the international market. LBank Exchange has compliance licenses from digital asset service providers in multiple countries, providing secure and reliable digital asset services to over 5.6 million users in more than 50 countries. The scale of digital asset transactions is ranked among the top 20 on CoinGecko all over the world.

The most comprehensive platform for cryptocurrency and financial management

As a crypto-asset trading platform, LBank Exchange is designed to provide the most secure, smooth and efficient trading services for every user. At present, LBank Exchange mainly supports four core businesses: crypto-asset trading, derivatives services, grid strategy and DeFi mining. LBank Exchange provides the most comprehensive crypto-asset services for all users.

Cryptocurrency exchange

LBank Exchange’s cryptocurrency exchange mainly includes currency trading and customer-to-customer trading, and is committed to exploring high-quality crypto assets as well as providing currency trading services for more than 200 kinds of crypto assets. In currency trading, LBank Exchange has created five exchange areas including Tether (USDT), ETH, BTC, exchange-traded funds and Meme. The asset types cover many popular areas including DeFi, nonfungible tokens, Polkadot, Grayscale, storage, privacy, algorithmic stablecoins, stablecoins and ZooToken. Users can trade global mainstream cryptocurrencies anytime on LBank Exchange, which is convenient and fast.

LBank Exchange is looking for the most stable and high-quality customer-to-customer merchants around the world. With fast transactions and withdrawal experiences, users can conduct customer-to-customer trading on LBank Exchange.

Derivatives services

LBank Exchange provides a variety of innovative derivatives trading services including ETF trading, contract transaction and options trading.

Grid strategy

LBank Exchange provides an intelligent and manual service tactic called grid strategy, which can easily achieve the quantitative transaction of digital assets. Through a variety of trading strategies, using a grid strategy can meet the different risk preferences for different users. In addition, LBank Exchange has a unique grid quantification strategy that is free for registered members, and users can experience the most abundant quantitative transaction services at the lowest cost.

DeFi mining

In addition to various kinds of transaction services, LBank Exchange also provides users with a moderate financial service called shell mining. The service provides users with value-added services of idle crypto assets, which can be obtained as soon as they deposit without locking. In terms of current mining, LBank Exchange strictly selects trading-cooperative institutions so that users can manage, deposit and withdraw money flexibly and at any time. In terms of fixed mining, LBank Exchange provides a variety of locked-mining crypto-asset services with stable income.

LBank Exchange — First choice for emerging assets

In previous milestones in blockchain history, LBank Exchange was the first platform to launch high-quality projects such as Zcash and VeChain, and is now also the first to launch outstanding emerging projects such as Gitcoin. LBank Exchange will make use of the resources and ecological advantages of multiple business sectors such as digital asset trading, mining pool, investment, financial management and quantification, to focus on exploring new projects so that users can grasp the lifeblood of wealth on their first try and never miss the “golden time” of getting rich in the blockchain circle.

LBank Exchange is the one exchange in a million. LBank Exchange will continue to climb to the top of the blockchain industry. Our goal is not just to go global — our goal is the sea of stars.