Internet City, Dubai, April 11, 2022 — The LBank exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, is listing Frz Solar System (FRZSS) today. For all users of LBank, the FRZSS-Tether (USDT) trading pair will be officially available for trading today, April 11, at 2 pm UTC.

As a digital currency on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) network that’s focused on the field of solar energy, Frz Solar System is here to strengthen the industry and expand it to help electricity supply while reducing electricity generation costs. The LBank listing will further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing Frz Solar System

In today’s world, human beings face a very big concern called climate change, one of the causes of which is fossil fuels. This energy source is depleted and emits large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) when combined with oxygen. It seems that reducing energy consumption and replacing fossil fuel sources with clean and renewable sources are effective and practical methods, leading to lower CO2 emissions. Renewable energies such as solar energy are based on a wide range of studies. 

The FRZSS team is progressing and examining problems every day to make the token the best in its field. The BSC network offers the FRZSS community a better blockchain experience, with more modest exchange fees than the Ethereum network. It is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible, with low transaction fees and high speeds. Frz Solar System shares direct data with the community. Thus, the community can act transparently and maintain control of decision-making, operations and changes on the platform. 


FRZSS has a total supply of 120 trillion tokens, of which 2.08% is provided for decentralized exchange liquidity, 5% is allocated to the core team, 66.92% is provided for partnership, 1% is provided for airdrops and 15% is provided for the platform development. In addition, it burns 1% on each transaction to make it deflationary.

Investors who are interested in Frz Solar System can easily buy and sell FRZSS on the LBank exchange. The listing will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention to the market.

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