Dubai, June 28, 2022 — Zogi Labs has published a white paper detailing its blockchain-gaming mechanics to eliminate core industry issues such as token inflation. 

The development team’s proprietary algorithms can balance a sustainable gaming economy for Legends of Bezogia, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with next-generation graphics, a rich storyline and nonfungible token (NFT) functionality.

The white paper can be read here

Bezoge Earth token integrates with Zogi Labs

The team behind Bezoge Earth (Bezoge) is working closely with Zogi Labs for several planned projects.

Bezoge is an ERC-20-protocol utility token and the primary token of Zogi Labs’ decentralized ecosystem. It’s designed as the asset of choice for tokenholders hoping to participate in the ecosystem, whether passively or actively, and intended as an all-in-one utility, reward, access and incentive token to generate active and dynamic revenue with the platform’s products.

Current Bezoge tokenholders — alongside tokenholders rewarded with in-game items during a snapshot last year — have received rewards with reflections through gaming development, bi-weekly ask-me-anything sessions and community updates. 

With substantial updates and accelerating development accelerating, it’s just the beginning for Legends of Bezogia, which strives to set new standards in 2022 for gameplay, graphics and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics in the crypto-gaming industry.

Fully utilized staking

Legends of Bezogia offers staking with dynamic rewards — i.e., in-game economy revenue — and launchpad benefits in tandem with early-access discounts on new products and NFTs. The game lets users from all backgrounds, regardless of crypto ownership or knowledge, participate and receive rewards for activity and loyalty. The game strives to offer heaps of content for serious and casual gamers alike and be the best P2E crypto MMORPG for non-crypto gamers. 

Introducing Magical Blocks token

Magical Blocks (MBLK) is the main in-game token for the Legends of Bezogia MMORPG and metaverse, along with all future titles and releases by Bezoge Earth. 

Magical Blocks is the first token offering launched with more than 30,000 tokenholders of its native governance token Bezoge, which touts more than a year of marketing, community-building and $3 million invested in development. The token is specifically designed to not create inflation for in-game currencies through multiple utilizations with the Bezogi token, minted NFTs and level-up mechanics for in-game characters. 

The white paper outlines Bezoge Earth’s and Zogi Labs’ proprietary formulas and contributions to decentralized gaming as a foundation for future blockchain games. By publicizing this knowledge, the team expects improvements in the industry and encourages collaboration. 

MLBK is used for these in-game scenarios:

  • Paying for NFT items, characters and skins in the in-game secondary NFT marketplace 

  • Summoning and breeding Bezogi NFT characters

  • Minting weapons, armor and consumable items 

  • Gaining entry to player-versus-player arenas 

  • And buying experience-point boosts.

Following MLBK’s launch is a fundraising round in 2022’s third quarter for institutional and accredited investors.

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About Bezoge Earth

Founded in 2021, Bezoge Earth — under the game title Legends of Bezogia — is an emerging crypto-based MMORPG P2E blockchain game available in alpha on PC and Android-based devices. The full global release is planned for the third quarter of 2022. 

Bezoge Earth’s portfolio begins with Legends of Bezogia, the Bezoge token and Bezogi and Petzogi NFTs. The platform’s products are designed to work cross-chain with cutting-edge technology for the future of the crypto-gaming industry.