The Legends Of Crypto Game has just announced the conclusion of its highly successful private investment round led by top blockchain venture capital firms LD Capital, Signum Capital, NGC, Moonwhale Ventures and Terra Virtua.

Strategic investors include Vendetta Capital, Ascensive Assets, Nabais Capital, DAOMaker, PetRock Capital, Youbi Capital, BlockDreams, SMC Capital, Spark Digital, GBIC Korea, Amplify VC, Megala Ventures, X21, Danish Chaudhry, CEO of; David Atkinson of Holochain; as well as crypto founders Kain Warwick of Synthetix; and Kieran Warwick of Illuvium. DAOMaker was selected as the public launchpad for the LOCG token.

LegendsOfCrypto deploys the funds to develop its gaming ecosystem, marketing and user acquisition.

Founded by Mik Mironov, LOCGame is a unique combination of NFT art collectibles, a popular card game of top trumps and DeFi perks all tied in an ecosystem powered by the LOCG token. “Collect, play, earn and have fun” is the motto of the LOCGame team.

“We are humbled and excited to bring the top-of-the-art NFT card game to the industry. Created out of love for the crypto community, our genesis edition is fully dedicated to the legendary characters from the industry that created most memes, jokes and narratives about itself in history,” said Mik. “This era will pass, but the Legends Of Crypto and its collectible cards will be a living history of cryptocurrencies’ triumph.”

LegendsOfCrypto plans to collaborate with its strategic investors in many areas, especially leveraging opportunities that arise from investor networks to improve the platform and user experience even further. Both LOCGame and its strategic backers have reiterated their commitment to pursue the goals set by the platform.

“Amazing art, DeFi perks, collectible NFTs and the team credibility all set to propel LegendsOfCrypto to the number one game in its category,” said Oliver Blakey, co-founder of Ascensive Assets.

Partnerships with AAA-rated games like Illuvium and the world’s top brands will help the team to push LOCGame into fast-growing markets that have not been introduced to crypto-gaming platforms.

About LegendsOfCrypto — LOCGame

LegendsOfCrypto is a groundbreaking type of top trump card game on blockchain where players can win valuable tokens and NFT items, while NFT card owners can earn rewards from the prize pools. It leverages decentralized finance and DAO governance to create a sustainable, enjoyable and fun playing game ecosystem.

Owners of the NFT card decks can stake them and get rewards in LOCG tokens as 10% of the prize pools.

Dedicated to famous crypto industry characters in Genesis Edition, LegendsOfCrypto celebrates the history of cryptocurrencies’ triumph.

Additionally, LOCGame aims to deliver learning and educational benefits to players and collectors.

Learn more about LegendsOfCrypto on, Medium and its community Telegram group.