Singapore, 22 April 2020 – Cryptobuyer and Liquid, part of Quoine PTE Ltd. have signed a strategic collaboration agreement that includes the integration of Liquid's instant swap system "Quick Exchange" into the web platform and payment systems of the Latin American exchange.

The global exchange, with offices in Japan, Singapore and Vietnam will integrate the Cryptobuyer token, XPT, into its instantaneous Quick Exchange system. This will allow its users to easily and quickly convert XPT with more than 100 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, XPT will be listed on the exchange in two pairs, XPT/BTC and XPT/USDT, on Wednesday, April 29th, 7 am UTC.

As mentioned above, integrated Liquid’s Quick Exchange product into its web platform. Users of the Panamanian company will now be able to access and swap more than 100 cryptocurrencies instantly via their Cryptobuyer account.

This integration will also be reflected in the Cryptobuyer Pay POS system, which allows consumers to use more than 100 different cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, including Liquid’s native token, QASH in +400 stores and businesses in Latin America. These include; Burger King Venezuela, the Samsung Experience stores in Venezuela and Panama, and the largest chain of retail stores in Venezuela, Traki.

Liquid and Cryptobuyer have more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, a solid reputation, and are recognized brands in their markets-- leading in their field within their respective regions. This alliance is intended to create a bridge between Asia and Latin America, opening new markets and allowing the global expansion of both companies.

Jorge Farias, CEO of, and Marisa Yoshikawa McKnight, Global Business Development and Sales at, commented: "The partnership with Cryptobuyer is important for us to increase exposure outside Asia and develop our consumer/dealer ecosystem. Quick Exchange is helping businesses like Cryptobuyer to leverage their POS systems by minimizing volatility. More and more people can start using their cryptocurrency.”

Jorge Farias: "Liquid Group is one of the most important crypto companies in the industry, with an excellent reputation, and one of the most secure exchanges in existence. It is the perfect fit for Cryptobuyer's global expansion. The Quick Exchange system allows us to multiply by 15 the number of tokens that are accepted in our platform and our POS, Cryptobuyer PAY, making us the leading company in Latin America in this aspect. The integration of XPT in QEX gives us the necessary liquidity for the real use of our token in all our services, leaving us free to grow and our users to start using XPT in their daily purchases, with important advantages. Without a doubt, this partnership is a new chapter in our history and a turning point towards the adoption of XPT and Cryptobuyer.”

"Our vision is to make financial services accessible to everyone, which means attracting more people to the digital asset space so that anyone can be a part of it" CEO Mike Kayamori said in September 2019.

With's endorsement, XPT is included in the global policy of democratizing financial services, providing inclusion and ease of use as a way to support global poverty reduction.