Liquid Craft is launching their first release of liquor-backed nonfungible tokens (NFTs) titled Dragons and Bourbon on Nov. 20 at 12:00 pm PST for the initial presale, with public sales going live on Nov. 23 at 12:00 pm PST.


The launch is the opening stage of the project's objective: to tackle the NFT and traditional liquor markets simultaneously through a combination of blockchain technology, backed by collectible fine liquors.

The project aims to bring appreciating tangible value to the NFT space by tying collectible liquor to the one-of-a-kind digital art pieces, while also using this technology to further develop the traditional liquor market. Liquid Craft is in the process of launching a complete marketplace for international breweries, wineries and distilleries in order to help them reach a new global market of potential buyers — a much-needed move in a time when many are affected by a record drop in international tourism.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series — The first release

On Nov. 20 at 12:00 pm PST, the first mint of liquor-backed NFTs will begin with an initial presale. Their first release titled Dragons and Bourbon is the introductory step in Liquid Crafts’ entry to two separate markets. The release is backed by handcrafted small-batch bottles of bourbon, crafted by international award-winning distillers at The Heart Distillery. The crafters at The Heart Distillery, all the way from Windsor Colorado, are masters in the art of crafting fine liquors and have created this batch specifically for this series using a mixture of homegrown and locally sourced ingredients.

The series is limited to the number of bottles created and is capped at a maximum of 1500 total NFTs. The release is occurring in two tiers, split evenly, to enable users to easily participate. One tier is on the Ethereum Network and another is on Binance Smart Chain.

Airdrops for buyers for the first release

Buyers who obtain one of the limited edition Dragons and Bourbon NFT will be eligible for airdrops of Liquid Crafts native token CRAFT. The amounts will vary depending on the tier purchased but the amount will be significant for both. There will be up to 4500 tokens for the Ethereum tier and up to 1500 for the Binance tier. In addition to the airdrops, buyers will also be eligible for exclusive events, discounts on future NFT releases and automatic entry to all future giveaways.

Liquid Craft — Merging markets is the ultimate solution

NFTs and the smart contracts they are built on can greatly improve many of the barriers of entry for would-be investors to the liquor investment space. Buyers that currently find the intermediary processes, along with shipping and storage requirements, a hurdle can now trade the value of the liquor bottles without ever handling the physical product.

By using blockchain technology, traders can purchase the liquor-backed NFTs and trade or collect like they would with any other NFT in circulation. The bottle stays in the safe hands of the supplier and the eventual owner can have complete confidence that the product they obtain is genuine.

For investors of NFTs, many of the concerns with the typical digital art pieces in circulation, like overestimated prices or the potential of losses in the current NFT market, tying the NFT to an appreciating asset like collectible liquor minimizes this risk.

Using NFTs to assist the struggling craft industry

The objective for the Liquid Craft team is to launch a complete NFT marketplace that brings together international craft wineries, breweries and distilleries of different sizes with investors and buyers. Many crafters the world over have suffered from the record lows in international tourism over the last 18 months, as many rely on this revenue from tourism to survive.

By providing an ability to showcase their product to an international audience, Liquid Crafts NFT marketplace could provide an alternative revenue stream and a potential lifeline to a struggling industry.

The leadup to the Nov. 20 presale and Nov. 23 public sale

The public sale was originally expected to go ahead at the end of October, but due to concerns with network congestion and gas prices, the team wanted to reconsider the network options before launching. Since taking community feedback on board, the release is now going ahead on Nov. 20 and Nov. 23, respectively.

The project has also partnered with leading crypto advertising agency Coinpresso to assist with the marketing drive leading up to the November launch dates. Coinpresso specializes in helping projects reach much larger audiences and will also be helping the project with all marketing for future releases.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series is set to go live for presale on Nov. 20 at 12:00 pm PST for promotional participants that secured their whitelist positions. Liquid Craft is running more promotions and AMAs leading up to the launch dates with more opportunities for whitelist spot prizes.

The public sale is going live on Nov. 23 at 12:00 pm PST with further updates for the fast-approaching launch dates, promotions and AMA details being announced across the project's official social media pages.



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