Zug, Switzerland, April 3, 2023 – Open-source Web3 platform Lisk has launched a new accelerator program. The initiative, which is designed to support anyone looking to build Web3 solutions, will disburse grant funding of up to 250,000 Swiss francs ($270,000) per project.

Lisk’s JavaScript SDK gives developers a straightforward path to launching their Lisk-compatible blockchains. The Lisk SDK enables developers to build scalable Web3 applications in JavaScript. Each application has its blockchain, allowing for virtually infinite customization. Its accelerator program will incentivize the development of Lisk’s tech stack and support Web3 innovation.

The remit of the Lisk Accelerator Program extends to startups committed to pursuing Web3 implementations over a multi-year timeframe. In particular, Lisk is keen to nurture projects working on app-specific blockchain solutions.

The program will operate in two phases and is open now for the first batch of applications. Phase 1 will run from March 20 to June 30, 2023, with Phase 2 set to operate from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, 2023.

Lisk CEO Max Kordek said:

“Web3 applications can disrupt many industries, from finance to healthcare to supply chain management. They can eliminate intermediaries and enable trustless interactions, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. We believe that entirely new business models can be created. The Lisk Accelerator is our way to find and support those.”

The Lisk Accelerator Program aims to attract experienced developers and entrepreneurs to build out their concepts within the Lisk ecosystem. For successful applicants, the program will provide startups with mentorship, funding, networking and marketing opportunities. There are four funding stages:

  • Bootstrap Grant: For startups that have yet to develop a proof-of-concept using the Lisk SDK, a grant of 4,000 CHF is available. This will enable teams to meet the criteria for applying to the accelerator program.
  • Builder Grant: 65,000 CHF is available to create a Web3 application with the support of Lisk’s ecosystem team, access to knowledge bases, founders’ network and tokenomics experts.
  • Booster Grant: After successfully completing the testnet phase, this grant can provide 85,000 CHF in funding, including access to support with UX/UI, how to pitch to investors and one-on-one coaching.
  • Breakout Grant: Projects that have shipped their app, demonstrated product and market fit, and are ready to scale are eligible to apply for a final 100,000 CHF in funding to help take the next step.

The Lisk Accelerator Program will provide Web3 developer teams with the mentoring, technical support, expertise and funding they need to realize their ideas. Projects that go to market with their product will retain 100% of the equity, capturing all of the upsides while playing their part in kickstarting a wave of innovation within Lisk’s expanding Web3 ecosystem.

Apply now at https://accelerator.lisk.com, and you will get initial application feedback within two weeks.