Tony Hollingsworth, founder of The Listen Campaign, announced today that the LSTN token and its nonfungible token (NFT) auction platform will be jointly launched on Jan. 19.

The Listen NFTs, which will be sold exclusively via the Listen Collectibles Auction & Shop, brings to life the “Tribute Archive,” featuring nine of the largest global broadcast events in history. The archive contains performances by 200 artists, among whom are David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston.

“With the Tribute Archive,” said Hollingsworth, ”people will be able to collect valuable NFTs featuring iconic content, rich in both cultural and musical history.” Buyers will be able to purchase Listen NFTs with fiat or crypto, and the entire platform was built on Flow.

LSTN token holders will get discounts of up to 50% and many other benefits, such as entries into prize draws to meet stars, access to exclusive NFT auctions and up to 80% APY. The token will be listed on PancakeSwap on Jan. 17.

The LSTN token has undergone two successful launchpad raises, the first of which on Launchpool, and the second on Infinity Pad, a Binance Smart Chain-based launchpad by the DAO Maker team. An additional raise is now scheduled on Lightning Network before the listing on PancakeSwap.

The Listen Campaign will involve over 100 major film stars, musicians and artists and their work each year, and the creations by the community will provide a continuous stream of NFTs to the auction site. They contribute as the Listen Campaign supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children around the world. 



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