The total value locked across all DeFi projects has surged dramatically in the last 12 months: from $613 million in March 2020 to a record high of $43.6 billion in March 2021. Also, recent endorsements of investing in cryptocurrency by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Tesla have contributed to a trend that is conducive to new blockchain projects. The founders of DeFiScale have determined that such dynamics of the market environment have created the right moment to start listing the DeFiScale token (DFC) on CoinDeal.  

DeFiScale, a blockchain-based, decentralized finance investment pool, will be listed on CoinDeal exchange from March 31. Debut on the CoinDeal exchange will follow a closed sale of DFC tokens, which was completed in February. CoinDeal crypto exchange will offer DFC trading on its platform. All current DFC token holders and all those who acquire them via depositing funds on the DeFiScale platform will get access to monitoring the market value of their assets held in DFC.

The company is announcing that in the upcoming months, three new DeFiScale portfolio crypto projects will be commercially launched.

DeFiScale offers simple staking products in two assets: Tether (USDT) or DFC. Deposits will have a fixed reward paid to investors daily. DeFiScale allocates its pool in seed funding of new and existing blockchain projects. Listing on the CoinDeal exchange and monetization of new projects are major steps to solidify DeFiScale’s presence in the rapidly growing DeFi industry and to exploit the steadily accelerating migration of money and clients from centralized finance to decentralized finance.

DeFiScale wants to introduce a new business model to the DeFi sector, which has been dominated by projects targeting blockchain technology solutions, crypto exchanges, lending and borrowing, and smart contracts. Its primary investment targets are financial and gambling crypto projects. This innovative approach to DeFi has gained recognition from investors whose DFC will now be traded on CoinDeal.

In its DeFi strategy and business positioning, DeFiScale shifts its focus from technology to directing its investment pool to set up new blockchain projects. The strategy has been developed and implemented by a team of leaders who have years of experience in the worlds of business and finance, especially in crypto and capital markets.

DeFi solutions embedded in the DeFiScale platform enable quick transfers of funds and monitoring of interest. It is an open-source and non-custodial protocol to earn interest on deposits. Using DeFi, the company offers passive income without checks, bureaucracy or banking fees. Instead the package includes  instant transactions, tools to collateralize digital assets and absence of KYC. DeFiScale has adopted all applicable state-of-the-art technological blockchain solutions to guarantee speed, reliability, anonymity and security of all transactions and users.