The liquidity provider Saturn Black launches trading of the first liquidity token on the LATOKEN crypto exchange. Saturn token (XSAT) will be available in two pairs: XSAT / BTC and XSAT / USDT.

From the beginning of November 2018 to March 14, 2019, the Saturn Black conducted a Public sale of tokens and launched a beta version of the atomic exchange of crypto asset.

In the future plans of the project, the launch a brokerage for crypto asset. The product is conceived as a symbiosis of the traditional payment system and the protocol of direct atomic exchange of crypto asset. As an ideal final product realization, the brokerage platform team announced the launch of a mobile application this summer.

Saturn Black

During the development period, pre-order payment cards are available for holders of Saturn tokens (XSAT). After the launch of the mobile broker, the card account will merged with the banking and brokerage module focused on transactions with crypto assets.

Currently, the OTC trading of the platform token in exchange for Bitcoin and Tether is available on the project website. The project team promises to expand the trading list and increase liquidity.

Selling of platform tokens during a Public sale in exchange for more than 150 items of crypto assets was original idea. Assets that could be added to trading pairs in the OTC service Saturn Black, according to the project team, will depend on the support of crypto communities of tokens and coins.

Funds, attracted on Token Sale, the team will send in support of market liquidity and the development of services. Partnership with infrastructure companies and their direct participation in the project allows the team reduce costs for the development of services and reduce launch time.

You can follow the development of the Saturn Black project in the team’s blog on the official website.