Logan Paul, one of the most recognized social media stars with 100 million followers built from the ground up, has joined forces with SuperBid. The partnership is considered to be the biggest cooperation in the cryptoverse and the beginning of a long-term collaboration. 

Paul’s career on social media began around seven years ago, and throughout this time, he achieved 6 billion views on YouTube, 17 million new views daily and 144 million results on Google. 

Patrick Gajda, CEO of SuperBid, stated:

“Before the fight, Logan and the SuperBid team are running several outstanding actions with details, which we will reveal soon. Make sure you don’t miss anything. Follow @SuperBid on social media.”

About SuperBid

SuperBid is a social auctioning app that gives influencers a network to earn revenue for their content. In the SuperBid app, influencers will be able to auction off physical goods and digital items, such as nonfungible tokens and unique experiences. Fans will be able to discover, support and even chat directly with their favorite influencers while their auctions are running. SuperBid plans to enable bids made in cryptocurrency, thereby leveraging the benefits of trustless blockchain systems and allowing users to access cryptocurrency seamlessly.

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