Paris, France, March 2, 2022 — LordToken is preparing to go live following the results of its fundraising. It is delighted to announce the success of its token sales, which was welcomed by an incredible wave of interest from seasoned and heavyweight investors, influencers, well-known individuals and the community at large. 

Its fundraising event was conducted in two phases: The first round concluded in November 2021 with a $5.5-million raise, followed by a $10.2-million raised in January 2022. This brings the total funds raised to $15.7 million. This goal couldn’t have been achieved without an amazing and supportive community, relentlessly providing massive support in all areas needed.

This is an exciting time for everyone who believes in the LordToken mission. As its launch draws closer, this will mark the start of a wonderful journey in the future of revolutionary cloud-based cryptocurrency exchange. Token sales will pave the way for the launch of LordToken, which will be listed on the popular decentralized exchange LordToken Exchange on March 9. 

At launch, users will enjoy a blazing-fast trading experience in a secured environment. The crypto-asset market will be available on computers, tablets and mobile phones.

What the Binance Cloud Cooperation means

A collaboration with Binance Cloud will enable the smooth adoption of Binance’s entire liquidity — $20 billion per day once the exchange platform goes live. More exciting is being able to grant more Europeans seamless access to crypto-financial inclusion. 

As a plus to the heavy depths of liquidity that come with this collaboration, it will also involve the implementation and maintenance of the LordToken exchange trading mobile application, which will feature a user-friendly graphic interface comparable to the Binance one.

At launch or in a near future, users will enjoy the following services on LordToken

  • Launchpad — LordToken will host a unique token launch platform or incubator to assist crypto startups for visibility. The LordToken launchpad will assist blockchain startups in raising funds and expanding its visibility across the crypto ecosystem, enabling them to launch products more quickly.
  • Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) and copy-trading services — Users will not only be exposed to a flawless trading experience but the LordToken exchange will also be equipped with essential trading tools such as DCA and copy-trading to provide traders with advantages in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace — The LordToken NFT Marketplace will unite artists, producers and crypto fans to create and exchange NFTs on a single platform. Collectors will be able to purchase, sell and create NFTs that signify ownership of one-of-a-kind intangible items.
  • Support that is 24/7 — LordToken is focused on delivering quality products to the crypto landscape, ensuring that it remains a user-centric platform. It will prioritize any issues relating to users at all levels of operations, ensuring prompt customer service and problem resolutions.

A glance at the service platform 

LordToken is a cutting-edge service platform that grants access to users, allowing them to dip into existing crypto-assets in a secure trading environment while also providing high-quality customer care. Its ultra-secure platform provides users with an anti-phishing system and two-factor authentication.

The LordToken exchange service is provided in collaboration with Binance Cloud, allowing the greatest liquidity and depth available on the market to be offered. As a result of this cooperation, LordToken will leverage Binance Cloud infrastructure to deliver a seamless experience for its users. Traders will be able to access crypto assets carefully handpicked for listing on the LordToken exchange. 

Binance Cloud will also provide the full infrastructure to power the LordToken mobile app, whose user experience will be similar to that of Binance while maintaining LordToken’s brand image. 

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