The game is going to celebrate St.Valentine's Day for 3 weeks straight!

Every 14th of February Cutieland celebrates St.Valentine’s Day. Cuties’ petkind is as excited about love as their humankind friends. That’s probably why breeding is one of the key moments during the in-game St. Valentine’s event. The non-stop love marathon won’t be limited to 24 hours! Pheromones will be going strong till the 7th of March.

Cuties are crazy in love

What does all this mean for the players? Well, Blockchain Cuties has invented a special mechanism that increases the chances for users to get a Tribute Cutie while breeding. Tributes are rare Cuties which are often inspired by pop-culture. They can be considered the pearls of your digital pet collection. The St. Valentine’s event opens up secret genomes that make Tributes real. This time players get to decide whether they want to share their secret gene to others or keep it private.

Love is not a competition but Cuties seem to win

The rumors regarding that one secret love formula are true. In order to win in the St.Valentine's adventure, users need to breed X amount of times so they can advance the next level. The good news is that any player at any level can join the St. Valentine’s love challenge. Also, breeding increases the reward of the adventure. Thus making love leads to bigger rewards. Breeding is the most essential and important aspect of the game. Each cutie in the game has a unique genome which is basically an analog for human DNA. There are 64 genes in the genome. Each genome consists of many molecules. So a special combination of different molecules, in which every molecule corresponds to a certain trait, creates attributes like hair, mustache, eye color. These characteristics will directly affect the Cuties when players send them to test their skills in battles or place them in the marketplace for sale. Combination of different genes creates attributes like “Mad”, “Hairy Chest" and so on.

So what about the wings?

Your digital pets can absolutely reflect your personal viewpoints, so if you don’t go in for all the heart-shaped balloons and red roses, feel free to purchase Devil wings from the in-game market. Or go even further and instead of buying a mythical creature like Cupid, get yourself an Aphrodite Pig. For those who have pink fever, the game holds items like Angel wings, fluffy handcuffs, Amurrr cats and more. It’s important to note that every single item you use affects your performance during adventures.

See you in the field of love in the middle of St.Valentine's Adventure! Don’t forget to dress up for the occasion — festive red dresses and suits are already on the Blockchain Cuties' market. There are also some items you could get for free.