WaykiChain, the underlying public chain for decentralized network continues to strengthen its development with the advent of ultrastrong TPS surged to 3200.

High-Performance TPS

WaykiChain public chain has been in stable operation since 2018 of the thriving blockchain ecosystem building. Whilst many bogus and otherwise unbelievable claims have been made by rivals, the transactions-per-second achieved by WaykiChain puts it far ahead of the top tier chains with the processing approximately 3,200 TPS.

Competitiveness: Stability, Security, Usability, & Efficiency

WaykiChain is the infrastructure level public chain with embedded DApp service capabilities, including stability, usability and high efficiency. Another case in point, WaykiChain strengthened the technical security of the entire public chain, including security monitoring, such as black swan event warning and processing mechanism, emergency system and continuous repairing of public chain loopholes. In addition, WaykiChain acquired with a professional code auditor to conduct a comprehensive and detailed code audit. A reward program for security breaches has even been released to encourage the bug-finders. Usability including development usability and functional usability, has been innovated for virtual machines, developer tools and even documentation, with the easy access of invoking various interfaces.WICC is also to be designed as stablecoin at the bottom layer as the shortest path on the real asset chain.

Strong Financing Capability

The project also has a incredible strong financing capability. Other than the 1.5 Million USD incentives funding program, WaykiChain is making effort on the high performance transaction processing capability and efficient consensus mechanism, as well as the functional public chain usability. They are the essential parts of WaykiChain public chain’s mission which is to create a stable and secure environment for blockchain developers and users at the same time to narrow down the complicated access of invoking various interfaces, to deliver high-quality technological service to the blockchainers all around the world.

Chainer Friendliness

Waykichain continues to improve infrastructure construction, and the public chain friendliness has been significantly enhanced to empower the developers. Thanks to WaykiChain, the enthusiasm of developers has been greatly activated and many of them made great contributions to expand WaykiChain ecosystem.

Waykichain aims to be the world-leading public chain with its remarkable performance, advanced technology, formidable financing capability, and a relatively low-key style of publicity. Overall WaykiChain is a bullished project.The well thought out idea with a strong technology and financing backing, the high-performance public chain can indeed be decentralized while still being able to exploit the power of the high TPS, and projects such as Waykichain will be the one which stick around when heavy regulation starts to rear its head in the global blockchain world.

Official WaykiChain links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wayki_chain

Telegram: https://t.me/wiccofficial

News Channel: https://t.me/waykichain

Official website: https://www.waykichain.com/

CEO Twitter:@GordonGao11