An initial DEX offering is an innovative, decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding concept — one that’s widening the possibilities for raising capital in the crypto space. Essentially, an IDO is a project that employs a distributed liquidity exchange to launch a coin or token. It’s why LPI Finance is leveraging the concept to democratize investing for the broader market, and it’s doing this with LPI DAO.

LPI DAO by LPI Finance is one of the latest innovations in the IDO and launchpad space, specifically developed for discerning investors who want to be involved in multiple launchpads but can’t due to lack of funds, technical complexities, etc. This is the market gap LPI DAO will fill in.

LPI DAO provides a single token that allows investors to make profits from the success of all major launchpads. The fundamental goal of LPI DAO, which is based on the concept of “one token, all launchpads,” is to create an investment platform that unites all of the top-tier and leading launchpads from various blockchains and to make it accessible through the LPI token.

LPI DAO is already (and unsurprisingly) disrupting the launchpad market by offering investors the opportunity to invest in moonshot crypto projects without the complexity traditionally associated with the process. Built on Ethereum and linked to the Binance Smart Chain network, LPI is essentially an index fund that profits from the launchpad market’s growth and success.

What makes LPI different?

Several launchpads are now available on various blockchain networks, and platforms that facilitate IDO sales have witnessed a significant boost in growth. The demand for allocations, on the other hand, has effectively created entry barriers in the launchpad space. This is compounded further by the fact that most tiers are frequently over-populated, leaving investors with allocations that are far lower than what they expected.

As those in the know would be familiar with, investing in launchpads is typically associated with the high costs of accessing the launchpad, lack of time and technical know-how, and low allocations for lower tiers. On the other hand, LPI, with the backing of its expert team, allows users to access all the best launchpads at high-tier levels itself.

Some may be hesitant to invest in networks other than Ethereum and BSC, given their unfamiliarity with their technical aspects. To that end, the LPI fund seeks to conduct in-depth analyses of all emerging launchpads on several blockchains, allowing users to access and invest in multiple launchpads.

Key features of LPI IDO

Transparency, wealth growth and community are the central features of the LPI infrastructure, and these core values enable the LPI fund to remain feasible and secure.

Transparency: Along with being able to monitor all transactions, investors also have access to monthly reports and annual audits.

Wealth growth: LPI aims to increase profitability for investors by investing exclusively in top trending launchpads that have seen exponential growth in a short period of time. Instead of relying solely on token value, LPI also intends to profit from IDO sales on the launchpads, offering an additional revenue stream for investors.

Community: LPI token holders can earn additional benefits apart from the appreciation of the token’s base value. Holders of LPI tokens will be able to participate in governance decisions.

Multi-chain investing: A key feature of the LPI DAO, investors can channel capital in projects across several blockchain networks.

How LPI DAO works

Invest in launchpads: With launchpad tokens becoming increasingly valuable in the crypto market, there is now clearly a huge demand for them. The LPI funds intend to exploit this growth and demand by partnering with top-tier launchpads and acquiring launchpad tokens, which will form the foundation of the fund’s portfolio.

Access to IDOs: Acquired launchpad tokens can be utilized to gain access to all the IDO sales by means of holding and staking. The fund will also attempt to join the highest tier in each launchpad to maximize earnings from IDO sales. The greater the number of launchpad tokens in the portfolio fund, the more IDO sales the fund will be able to participate in.

Reinvestment: All proceeds from IDO sales will then be reinvested in the fund, enabling it to expand its portfolio and enhance profits, making investors very happy campers.

The allocation of revenue from IDO sales will be as follows:

  • Launchpad tokens
  • IDO cash reserves
  • Community
  • Administration
  • Marketing
  • Acquisition fees
  • Operating expenses
  • Asset management.


LPI IDO, in partnership with Cyberfi Samurai, is set to be launched on June 21, 2021. It’s no understatement to say that the launch will be the first of its kind in the crypto space. Once IDO sales are concluded, the LPI token will also become available for trading, and its private and public sales will subsequently be executed on various launchpads.

To learn more about LPI DAO, check out its website, Twitter, Telegram or Medium.