Lucid Lands is happy to introduce its multi-purpose GameFi Project. It is a play-to-earn ecosystem where users may earn tokens by participating in the ecosystem. A pet’s land-based kingdom may be built, collected and fought over.

Any third party may access all art assets and Lucid Lands genetic data, enabling community developers to create their tools and experiences. Lucid Lands is the first nonfungible token (NFT) game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is currently in early access.

Major attributes

While Lucid Lands is a delightful game, its early popularity has made it a social network and career platform. The main distinction between Lucid Lands and other games is that the players are rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Lucid Lands is the first decentralized NFT play-to-earn game on BSC that combines both 3D-animated gameplay NFT and a 2D unique computer-generated collective NFT market.

NFT Heroes

Each NFT Hero has inherent worth. Players may earn by winning leaderboard awards in player-versus-player battles. These collectibles are also used to calculate the floor price based on their characteristics and activities.

Players can open a gateway to summon their Heroes. Heroes may be leveled up at any moment with in-game resources and the native LLG token.

There are in-game collections called “Ordinary Collective” and “Prestige Collective.” Legend has it that even the most feared creatures would not dare to damage them, as they are that cute. Players can also buy 3D Hero and 2D pet NFTs on Lucid Lands’ decentralized NFT market.

Staking in-house NFTs

Furthermore, they can stake the in-house NFT to get LLG tokens. Also, they can invade another player’s base to gain valuable goods and LLG tokens.

3% of every sell/buy will go to game development. Every sale will add 2% to liquidity, creating a rising price floor. Furthermore, marketing will get 3% of every transaction. The community will shape Lucid Lands. The game’s appeal is that it allows players to interact with a broad group of friendly individuals through its gaming platform.

About Lucid Lands

TTM Gaming’s Lucid Lands is the first decentralized NFT play-to-earn game on BSC. It aims to create one of the premier blockchain games with a comprehensive gaming experience and multiple earning opportunities.





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